Terrace Martin – Jazz, Soul & Hip-Hop (Prod. by Pete Rock)


Another special edition Jazz x Hip-Hop instrumental from Terrace Martin. This week’s selection is produced by the Chocolate Boy Wonder. Hit the jump for some words from Terrace.

“Pete Rock has been one of my all time favorite producers in the world – one of the major influences in my life. I am in the middle of doing a jazz record right now with Hip-Hop producers. I’ve worked with Hi-Tek, DJ Quik, and a lot of other fellow producers. I got this record from Pete Rock through Power 106 FM radio personality Fuzzy Fantabulous (from Big Boy’s Neighborhood Show). Fuzzy is the executive producer for this album and he got at Pete Rock about the situation and Pete ended up sending him 3 records. The other 2 Pete Rock songs you will have to hear on the album but I’m giving you this one for free. I just want to feed the Earth good music and I hope that everybody likes it and enjoys it.”

Terrace Martin – Jazz, Soul & Hip-Hop (Prod. by Pete Rock)

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    G7 Says:

    September 15th, 2008 at 12:15 pm
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  2. Ghost writer Says:

    ^Chillin’…trying to get a little work in. What up with you?

    Same shit ain’t nothing change…..I need a week off….or two

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