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Jin – Love Lockdown Freestyle

…now I’m in the loop like Miss Info, get it/that’s a blog I like/should I go off the top? Nah Right…

I saw this floating around on Friday but I slept on it. Then yesterday, somebody pointed out that line to me, but I was moving in slow motion because it was Saturday and so I forgot to post.

Jin – Love Lockdown Freestyle

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16 Responses to “Jin – Love Lockdown Freestyle”

  1. Nanyanen aka Vasco de Bamma Says:

    *hands in late pass*

    About Dane Cook, VC was funny, but it’s nothing compared to his routines before that. You can buy or DL his comedy albums… ‘Harmful if Swallowed’ and ‘Retaliation’.
    Some advice though, don’t listen to that shit on an iPod in a public place, if you start laughing uncontrolably in public, people think your out of your mind.

    Also, his website has like a hundred clips up.

  2. nation Says:

    Nah Right >>>

  3. benhameen Says:

    i need to get those old dane cook joints cuz i liked his in the round stufff. what up nation and Vasco.

  4. SB Says:

    eskay. you wouldn’t of posted it if “somebody” didn’t point it out to you. SMH.

  5. eskay Says:

    >>eskay. you wouldn’t of posted it if “somebody” didn’t point it out to you. SMH.

    and why wouldn’t I? I’ve posted mad Jin shit before fucknuts.

  6. Paperstacker Says:

    This>Kanye version

    and i’m out


  7. kob killa Says:

    boooooo where the cam dipset shit at or fab

  8. kob killa Says:

    eskay fetch me sum Dipset or Fab ish

  9. Greg Says:

    why isn’t nahright a part of savetheinternet.com?

  10. the watcherz Says:

    umm did jin mention nahright for extra brownie points….maybe a lil more exposer maybe yea….still better than kanye

  11. hen3rz Says:

    i like it, jin’s awesome

  12. kvn Says:

    OBAMA 08

  13. Leojbomb Says:

    ^Obama is too good to be true. It’s a trick.

  14. bubba paris Says:

    wow, a russell peters reference? that was awesome. he really didn’t have to paste the actual track at the end tho…

  15. SB Says:

    fucknuts. corny ass language.

  16. S.Dot Says:

    i believe i sent this to u last night…

    i could be wrong tho

    *sad face*

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