Video: Curtis Mocks Kanye West

You still mad Boo Boo?! Grow up ninja.

That’s his first single off Before I Self Destruct by the way.

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59 Responses to “Video: Curtis Mocks Kanye West”

  1. WR Says:

    is this guy even relevant anymore?

  2. Devious10 Says:

    I love this site but the G-Unit hate is a little much…it’s just competition.

  3. nation Says:

    he said to my new album (no cheers) Before I Self Destruct (no cheers) dropping December 9th (no cheers)

    pick it up and go home. smh, he knows the words to Kanye’s song by heart… he must be doing something right

  4. the watcherz Says:

    aleast someone in the industry keeping it real enough to say how bad it is ….everyone else is just dickriding….like kanye suck a genius for that song….fuck outta hear…say what u want about fif but when he see’s something foul he points it out

  5. WR Says:

    I’m starting to accept Love Lockdown
    still prefer the live version and hopefully the album will be better.

  6. nation Says:

    let’s see 50 brainwash radio listeners and people watching tv into buying this piece of crap:

    you see, the general public didn’t say they didn’t want my product. it’s the climate in which i dropped my aggressive content that made me flippity flop flop. you see, Curtis sold more than Graduation internationally, and i didn’t pinky swear to anything, so Before I Self-Destruct will be coming out on December 9th because i judge Kanye’s first single to be too weak, and I will deliver the aggressive content which is needed in this industry. look out for my 5 songs featuring Plies

  7. Geronimo Newton Says:

    50 is still the consummate showman I see…………hahahahaha

  8. Cosign Says:

    Real talk watcherz..

    That Kanye song is shit. At least someone has the nerve to say so. Nah Right, I really don’t understand y’all hate for 50 so much. Just don’t listen to him. Problem solved. He’s still a very good entertainer. You don’t see rappers just goin on stage having fun any more. Y’all really think these celebrities are superhero’s and shit and think they can’t be normal people and have fun or say anything about anybody..

  9. The Critic Says:

    typical 50.

    lol @ blaming the fans for him losing to ‘Ye.

  10. bubba paris Says:

    yet 50’s best joints were produced by…?

  11. nation Says:

    realistically, Kanye & Curtis’ name can’t be mentioned in the same sentence unless it’s something like

    haha, remember that time Kanye’s album sales devoured Curtis’ dignity and sanity

    at this point, they don’t even have the same people buying their shit. only people buying G-Unit albums are delusional stanleys like the one who’s gonna post right below me

    lol, not only did the crowd ignore him when he mentioned his new album… no one laughed during the 4 minutes he recitated Kanye’s song


  12. Saket Says:

    Man..They wouldn’t go for his concert if they didn’t like him..

  13. BK2LV Says:

    SeDrew Price, Freeway & JD Era – In My Bag Remix

  14. Joe 88 Says:

    lol @ blaming the fans for him losing to ‘Ye.

    ^Arent the fans the ones that buy the albums? So who else fault is it? IMO both of there albums was wack juice, so it was more of a popularity contest, rather than letting the music speak. I’d rather hear aggresive content, than aggresive whining & bitching, & I like both of them (n/h)

    *Breaks camera*

  15. BK2LV Says:

    SeDrew Price, Freeway & JD Era – In My Bag Remix

    no nahright lite love??/

  16. bangz Says:

    i mess with kanye and 50…but this is a damn shame…cause if they come out the same day kanye is gonna win again…

  17. eskay Says:

    >>he said to my new album (no cheers) Before I Self Destruct (no cheers) dropping December 9th (no cheers)

    smh @ this guy dropping on my birfday

  18. frank Says:

    thats so funny that curtis is trying to mock him but actually mouths all the words to “love lockdown,” therefore one could only assume he’s heard the song quite a few times and maybe even likes it. he’s probably just trying to take out a little anger from those terrible reviews he got for “righteous kill.”

  19. Los Says:

    nation you’re probably the second biggest hater on here second to eskay who thinks callin 50 boo boo is some sort of insult lmao. love lockdown doesnt just suck, its a huge underachievement if even you kanye stans dont just *adore* it. lol, yall gone soft listening to this pop shit.

    lol @ yayo sayin hes gunna pull a kanye w/ the camera

  20. benhameen Says:

    smh @ this guy dropping on my birfday

    damn shame what they did to my dog

    newer shit up as always at the lil spot….trying to keep up with the joneses…and 50 is a damn hater always has been always will be. GRODT is still a classic.

  21. Joe 88 Says:

    *Looks @ video*


    Ya’ll really can’t tell me that shit wasn’t funny? Fiddy is a comedian, that’s what he do, & eskay saying “You still mad Boo Boo?! Grow up ninja.” makes no sense, the nigga still disses Ja Rule, so I guess he’s still mad at ja too? That’s just what he do, but in all do respect, I kinda like kan’gay new song. Like plug said, it got that rave feel to it.

    *lol @ the fans saying “fuck kanye”*

  22. the watcherz Says:

    eskay Says:

    September 14th, 2008 at 12:50 pm
    >>he said to my new album (no cheers) Before I Self Destruct (no cheers) dropping December 9th (no cheers)

    smh @ this guy dropping on my birfday
    so why not copp it….im not promoting …i just saying u neva know it might be a sign eskay

  23. BK2LV Says:

    hey eskay…

    damn for real this song is not hot enough for nahright…

    we trying to grind and earn some respect….

    SeDrew Price, Freeway & JD Era – In My Bag Remix

  24. The Critic Says:

    # Joe 88 Says:
    September 14th, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    lol @ blaming the fans for him losing to ‘Ye.

    ^Arent the fans the ones that buy the albums? So who else fault is it? I


    uh…how about 50’s? for making a sub-par album….

  25. h.e.r. Says:

    50 is so annoying and why is he dropping another album, renigging on his statement last year
    smh @ everything in this clip

  26. D. Billz Says:

    G7 Says:
    September 14th, 2008 at 11:33 am

    in this day and age how does Queen Latifah get an album produced by Dr. Dre??

    ^They probably go way back.

    So now Curt can’t poke fun at Kanye?

    OoOoOoOhhhh, they so sensitive


  27. j Says:

    lol ya’ll some 50 haters. its funny though. I mean the nigga is funny if nothin else, and occasionally he’ll drop a decent tune randomly here or there

  28. ClarenceThomas Says:

    Yayo pulling a Kanye >>> Curtis’ performance in Righteous Kill

  29. cease Says:

    nation i feel u dude, thats the typical bullshit 50 response. blazay blah aggressive content this, aggressive content that, excuse excuse. i fucked w/ 50 i did, i was even feeling the elephant in the sand mixtape earlier this year but Curtis wasnt as good as his prior albums even with the star studded guest features, and TOS was terrible. no one respects tony yayo, and banks. banks can spit but these are guys whove rode fif’s dick into the industry. they have no friends in the industry and if 50 were 2 drop them tomorrow they’d be finished forever. its disgusting to see 50 still on the same bullshit, same bully bullshit. its not 05 anymore grow up, niggas see thru your foolishness. terrible

  30. All Day Every Day Says:

    truth is this nobody cares (c) Tos sells…..he is a album away from doing Fat Joe numbers…

  31. jdiaz Says:

    lol @ at the crowd thinking that was his song. curtis you lose. wheres robert de niro when you need him?

  32. Cinsere Says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to do this…


    I’m gonna take 50’s side on this one.

    *nearly implodes*

    Seriously people, that new Kanye song is beyond wack! I’ve never been a 50 supporter….ever!…and I’ve considered Kanye to be one of the best things to happen in modern hip hop, but Love Lockdown is worse than any song 50’s ever put out! Maybe if he goes back to the lab and finishes it, but as it stands, that shit circulating the internet deserves all the ridicule it receives!

    Still though…lol @ nobody cheering for 50’s announcement of a new album.

  33. cease Says:

    cinsere u make a good pt

  34. !1 Says:

    kanye is bitch made for singing on the entire song

  35. Chi-Town's Finest Says:

    50 make a decent album. Nigga you be singin to.

  36. Quiz Says:

    This dude is still tryin to get Kanye to bite into his bullshit. Dude give it up man don’t worry about Kanye. Do You Now!

  37. ryan Says:

    50 runs the net

  38. Bin Laden Says:

    the watcherz Says:
    September 14th, 2008 at 12:28 pm
    aleast someone in the industry keeping it real enough to say how bad it is ….everyone else is just dickriding….like kanye suck a genius for that song….fuck outta hear…say what u want about fif but when he see’s something foul he points it out

    word. the vocoder or whatever. that shits gotta stop. its wack. like everyone is doing it now. absolutely no original shit. and for the record, Kanye’s verse on “Put On” is the weakest, corniest verse he ever spit.

    cut the vocoder shit. for real.

  39. Gee Says:

    50 and kayne need to do a album together. Music biz needs dat!!

  40. M.Tyson Says:

    i think i now know why people hate this hate this guy idk why i didnt see it earler

  41. BHIM Says:

    ye’s album is still going 2 shit on 50’s

  42. Spraycan Says:

    I love how when an artist tries to change it up they suddenly become wack to people, but they’re the shit if they come out doing what the other 58493894 rappers are doing.

  43. q Says:


  44. louisVdon23 Says:

    this clown still bitchin…..?


    Not commenting on this.

  46. NiGHTMARE Says:

    SMH @ him having a better version of Love LockDown than us. Listen hard, you’ll notice.

  47. A! Says:


  48. A! Says:


  49. Mag Says:

    Find Dr.Dre

  50. hunnid-proof Says:

    Wasn’t this nigga supposed to retire? Love Lockdown may not be the hottest track but as you can see its rollin wit the climate, Think about it… T-Pain Cant believe it is a huge hit! Live your life is gonna blow! And then Swagga like us is amazing! Kanye is making shit people like listening to now. Look at the response he got for Put On, If it aint broke dont fix it. Thats all I got to say.

  51. charlie roc Says:

    Smh at son talkin banks and yayo just cause they don’t have friends in the rap game makes them wack? Smh u don’t no shit 4 sayin that

  52. As A Man Thinketh Says:

    Peace y’all this is my first comment on this site. Normally I choose to browse and laugh at the comments, haters and overall losers in the game of life. I’d figure this time i’d leave my 2 cents as an industry insider. SO…i’m a fan of both Ye and 50, however MONEY ASIDE, bc it has DICK to do with talent, 50 cant hold a candle to Ye. He’s clowning bc at this point in his career that really ALL he knows. I watched this and i laughed bc the shit is funny. However,Ye will continue to outsell 50 bc 50 refuses to change. We Ye first came out, I didn’t know how long he could sustain with sampling bc is cost heavy on producers, esp if you don’t sell (BUT HE DID AND BIG)..but my point is he has continue to evolve as an artist since Dropout.

    50 on the other hand has digressed from growth and fell into a comfort zone. 50’s be chance to actually sell records and save face is to make INTROSPECT music, he needs to talk abt the demise of his brand and his struggle to get the torch lit, his custody battle with his son’s mother and make songs that tells street tales, i.e. Many Men, Baltimore Love..if he DOES NOT DO THIS and returns with the same “Ima kill ya, Ima Kill ya” rhetoric he can hang it up…he’s done. Bc as a brand he no longer viable to the consumer and other business. Which takes me to my next point.

    50 is extremely rich, bar none! However, his accumulated wealth could be some much more if he DIDNT mix his personal vendettas into his business. G-Unit as a label had the opp to do something no other artist label has done in the past 10-12 years (Shady/Aftermath don’t count bc it was based of the success of 2 artists who are in turn label heads) He has a label where ALL his artist we’re stars…Banks, Game, Buck, and G-Unit as a collective. Not even Roc, SoSo, DipSet, etc had multi-plat artists…not since Death Row and Cash Money.
    Anyway, this is say he has diminished his brand with petty rivalries. He’s no longer viable to be a pitch man for Reebok or Pontiac or whoever else wanted to jump onboard when he was hot. As his star continues to fade, so will the opportunities for outside business ventures.

    Now to all the stans…WE KNOW he has money…and his money is so long that it make money off itself (interest and investment). However, when he drops this new album and it doesn’t reflect any growth or humility, it will SURELY flop.

    And just a side bar to the ignorant, 50 BY NO MEANS has more money than Jay.
    Something to remember, they made 150m and 82mil this year, respectively.
    But think about the past 10years of Jay getting 10-20mil…that adds up, plus as a brand, Jay is still hot..him NOT ROC (bc that’s done too, whole other rant!)

    I’ll leave y’all all on this note…you speak your existence in to life. So please speak peace, positivity and progress into your lives!
    In 50’s case – Get Rich or Die Tryin (He Got Rich), The Massacre (He destroyed the east coast as rap’s Mecca), Before I Self Destruct (Prophetic in terms of the direction of his career)

    Peace and love y’all and PS – go read a book or catch up on CNN and FOXNEWS (know they enemy) bc if Obama loses this elections its gonna get extra hard for everyone, esp those who choose NOT to get and education or educate themselves.

  53. dewitz Says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen 50 jock Kanye’s steez so much.. played his whole record, and then was rocking a “LOVE” t-shirt backstage.. dude wants to be Kanye??

    50 stays losing….

  54. Deuce D. Says:

    lmao @ the UNDERWRITER’S Paradox…..

    And the only thing I find wrong with Love Lockdown is that it is poor quality and that he’s using a vocoder….but other than that, it sounds like post-graduation material to me… y’all niggas just forgot about the fact that Kanye’s probably still dealing with his mother’s loss and that situation probably made him change directions with his next album

  55. Peekay Says:


  56. Seppy Dizil Says:

    gza already dub-knotted fidys vocal chords what is that negro still rapping for??!

  57. Abner Says:

    Look at this Bitch ass, trick ass muthafucka. First of all Kanye West make more money than him. Second of all he is from Chicago, so don’t fuck with Chicago. You come around here in the Chi talking head bout Kanye, you’ll get whooped. That nigga is one of the Coldest things to ever happen to Hip-Hop. This little nigga named 50 cent is the same shit. All the same shit people, they ain’t gonna get to the good stuff like statues of you and shit. This nigga ain’t even get shot nine times. Chicago nigga!!!!! Goon Squad trick!!!!!

  58. mertz Says:


    Kanye killed curtis in the sales game.

    The Genius just killed curtis lyrically (Paper Plate is one of the best battle tracks ever).

    Autotune just killed curtis’s live performance.

    Curtis’s shimmery shirt killed his manhood.

    Curtis is dead four times at least. Can we please stop talking about this guy. He’s now as irrelevant as Ja Rule.

  59. kanyeazy Says:

    man curtis is just a joke now…..kanye, i give him massice props..50 cent said “i aint even gotta rap now life is made” so why dont u STFU and live in ur damn connecticut mansion and cut the bullshit!!!!

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