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Video: Rapper Big Pooh ft. Joe Scudda & Chaundon – Plastic Cups

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7 Responses to “Video: Rapper Big Pooh ft. Joe Scudda & Chaundon – Plastic Cups”


    I loved this song when it fist came out. [Still do!]

    It’snice that they made a video for it.

    And oh yea, . . .DILLA!!

  2. Deano Says:

    This shit is garbage, ever since Jay said, ‘dumb down my lyrics to make dollars.’ The industry has been suffering from a lack luster of talent and hooks (hey ma, whats up…lol). I will not mention the south (I’m still waiting on a south GIANT record-Luda, Big Boi & 3-stacks have put their work in). Yeah, I said there isn’t ish coming from the south or NY; the last time I checked Chi Town MCs are the new stars of this ish.

    I mean the dudes out of NY are wack right now, except for Uncle Murda. I haven’t heard a track coming out of the East, where I am diggin it. I guess we have to wait for 2009, ain’t it…

  3. Deano Says:

    Ohhh can’t hate on my dude in the bing, P hold ya head…New Yitty…HNIC2 is pure fire…NY & East Coast rappers want to sing fuckery like the south. Yo rudebwoy, man can’t be in club listening to no Marco Polo, Plastic Cup, Put on or whatever bullshit TI & Jeezy feel is a hit.

  4. thehaytidream Says:

    why da hell they in nyc… where’s the bull ciitaaaayyy?

  5. Vatkeezy Says:

    This guy said “I mean the dudes out of NY are wack right now, except for Uncle Murda.”. You serious homie? Uncle Murda is fucking terrible, he has no business touching a mic.

    You complaining about them dumbing down the hook I suppose but you don’t even understand they are paying tribute to Dilla (J Dilla – Take It Back), do the knowledge fam. In the same breath, you’re praising Uncle Murda who doesn’t have a lyrical bone in his body.

  6. Ethernet Says:

    “i wake up every morning holding my dick…”

  7. aa Says:

    RIP DILLA – keep it ghetto with the plastic cups! atleast someone knows where they got the hook from, lol they aint dumbing anything at all if you know dillas music and what they doing throughout the song form the effects to words ect its too deep

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