DMX: “Groupies Ain’t Shit”

The homey D.Scott over at Complex recently scored a Q&A with the often incarcerated but never duplicated, Earl Simmons. Hit the jump if you dare.

Well, where there any memorable ones?

Yeah, there was one that took a shit and didn’t wipe her fucking ass, man. I remember that bitch. She had a big ass, too.

Complex: Wait, she took a shit before or after?

Yo, peep it. I was tired on tour, so I chose my girls, like, “All right, come with me.” She got in the bed. So, like I’m walking up, I’m just smelling shit! Straight shit! Know what I’m saying? I guess she heard me moving around or something, so she just jumped in the bed. So, I’m there just waiting, just sleeping. I wake up, I’m like, “Yo, the shit smell up the whole fucking room!” I go in the bathroom to take a piss, and see big ass logs of shit. Like four of them big logs of shit. But I noticed there was no toilet tissue in there.

Interesting. Maybe she…

Nah, there was shit. Paper’s supposed to be the last thing in toilet. Paper goes on top of the shit. So I saw shit and no paper.

In the immortal words of Pusha T: Ugghhhk!!

Link: DMX Talks Speeding Tips And Groupie Tales

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53 Responses to “DMX: “Groupies Ain’t Shit””

  1. the watcherz Says:

    ayo that ham steak was smacking
    wit the honey glaze and all

    Im bout smoke newport lucy (tryna take it easy)

    And play call of duty

  2. NotU Says:


    September 10th, 2008 at 10:03 pm
    The Game and DJ Khaled – Red Light

    Hey I got the No DJ version to this…’s crazy as hell….off that Khaled album

  3. YungDavito Says:

    he often incarcerated but never duplicated

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