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Video: Maino ft. T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous – Hi Hater (Remix)

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30 Responses to “Video: Maino ft. T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous – Hi Hater (Remix)”

  1. Joe 88 Says:


    ^Joe88 “Let’s get it” (rough draft)

    Finished version coming soon

  2. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    doing Flava in ya ear in color is wack

  3. jmoneydinero Says:


  4. Joe 88 Says:

    T.I Verse > Jada > either Fab, Plies or Maino

    did this nigga fab metaphor himself to a vibrator?

    wow (n/h)

  5. yaboy Says:

    this song doesnt have a name?

  6. nation Says:

    that’s a lotta fucking dudes

  7. Manik Says:

    ..ayo, was that Mya? She is still looking smashable

  8. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    you ever notice only busted girls wear those hi hater t-shirts

  9. spirit equality Says:

    @ Joe 88, even if you hate on his last punchline, I thought Fab did his thing with his verse. Jada and T.I. brought it too. I’d probably go with 1) Jada 2) Fab and 3) T.I.

    T.I. sounded a little too jolly for the subject matter, so I had to take him down a few notches. LOL.

  10. eskay Says:

    >>this song doesnt have a name?

    yeah its called SUCK IT

  11. yaboy Says:

    that video was actually kinda ill…

    TI, swizz, and fab all need to eat some hamburgers or something, skinny ass ninjas (n/h)

  12. yaboy Says:

    eskay Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    >>this song doesnt have a name?

    yeah its called SUCK IT

    *crowd boos*

  13. gr3um5 Says:

    ti aka the biggie inspiration on this own ! huh this one !

    yo, maino get a good exposition wit dys rmx
    fab, jad NYC and ti plies, South
    plies iz on a good commercial situation with two gold albums in few months
    so… maino will can be a decent sell for an artist underground like him and not a lyricist like him, for his first album ‘if tomorrow comes’.
    20k first week !

  14. Joe 88 Says:

    @ spirit

    Naw, how could I hate on a song addressing the haters? lol, they all did there thing, & T.I did sound hella happy, but I think he meant to sound like that, it’s a song lol’ing the haters, so he’s gonna sound extra happy. I h8 the song myself, but I like all the people on the song, even maino (n/h) so no bias going on over here,

    *looks @ link at the top of the screen* (n/h)

    Click it (c) eskay & Nation

  15. nation Says:

    Jadakiss >>>

    even Fab

  16. NotU Says:

    Yo Before I Self Destruct got some nice beats on it…..hope 50 make some goos music with them….

  17. NotU Says:

    NotU Says:

    September 9th, 2008 at 6:25 pm
    Yo Before I Self Destruct got some nice beats on it…..hope 50 make some good music with them….

    Correction: He got some good beats to choose from….

  18. eskay Says:

    >>Correction: He got some good beats to choose from….

    that’s what I’m sayin, and that’s why I didn’t post that video.

  19. NotU Says:

    Fab killed this track so fuck y’all (no)

  20. Big Homie Says:

    Cool video, but the chick in the video linked below

    http://www.tinyurl.com/642qxr (on far left) > this video

    Am I wrong?

    *daps Eskay for posting that pic awhile back*
    *goes back to co-workers at happy hour*

  21. Charles Oakley Says:

    New Kanye CD titled “808’s and Heartbreak” per LowKey

  22. Mums the Werd Says:

    -_-zZZzzZzZ ….Hiphop what?

  23. Tiiz Says:

    How gay was T.I. in the beginning

  24. Deano Says:

    Eskay, what kind of Bloodclatt fuckery, ya put oun the site. Damn, the wack line up…JADA and FAB need to distant themselves from these wackkers. The bullish might rub off…

  25. prophecy_projectz Says:

    People need to stop copying the Flava In Ya Ear remix vid. This is like the 4th video thats done it.

  26. Mag Says:

    Gangsta Rap is dead…

    Man I miss those dudes from queens circa 03′

  27. saul goode Says:

    Shorty’s ass to waist ratio >>>every verse on the song.

    If she’s the one that Fab pushed her hand into the camera, her face is top shelf too.

    Props to the casting director.

  28. nashon Says:

    mya was looking sexy as hell

  29. marauder Says:

    man, this song just sucks so bad. how it got this far is beyond me. manio got outshinned by everyone.

  30. JoMoses Says:

    lmao @ should become a video hoe….

    or drop that porno already…

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