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Vintage Video: Main Source – Front Door (Live)

Had a cold war style stand off with the missus earlier so this is appropriate.

Props to MOD as always.

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7 Responses to “Vintage Video: Main Source – Front Door (Live)”

  1. zamora Says:

    ay ya… been rocking this since forever.. allways sounds good.. those retro kids need to rock they style of rapping not the style of clothes..

  2. Rob Rush Says:

    one comment?!

    are you kidding me?

    kids these days. no resepct. go watch a vma re-run ya punks!

    ps cool/retro kids = get a grip

    nothin new homie

  3. DJ Cable Says:

    Awesome post.

    “Breaking Atoms” was (and still is!) a bona fide classic album.

  4. Nanyanen aka Vasco de Bamma Says:

    they speak proper, while my speech is from a garbage can

  5. Peekay Says:

    haha…didn’t realize they were on Electric Circus. That’s funny.

  6. Ace Six Says:

    sometimes i wish you’d come down with lockjaw!
    so raw

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