Video: Andre 3000 Talks to MTV News

3000 speaks on suggestions that he could singlehandedly save the rap game.

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13 Responses to “Video: Andre 3000 Talks to MTV News”

  1. The watcherz Says:

    Ayo I’m so tired of dunks
    Sb”s and all……and dem shit hurt like fuck walking in em …..but they look damn good sitting on a pair of levi”s
    And plus dirty nigga rockin em 2…….definitely a trend killa
    Wheneva dirty niggas hop on something I stop fucking it totally…… see what happen to those arabian scarf

    I’m diggin dem new pippen I might have to see what’s up with those

  2. A To The Kizzle Says:

    Andre 3000 > 98.5% of the rap game.

  3. eskay Says:

    new pippens? you must be an 90’s baby.

  4. Gseven Says:

    3Stacks needs more verses

  5. The watcherz Says:

    Nah eskay Born in 88 raised in 90″s my dude and luved it
    Matter of fact my bday 2morrow I’m bot call the nastiest chick in my phone


    god forbid a nigga with an arabian scarf wants to do somthing, im yoking think nigga up with the scarf

    like them boricuas with the long hair in a pony tail…

    screaming like bitches ”stop pulling my hair yo stop pullling my hair b”!!


  7. The watcherz Says:

    Aint gone front I wore the scaf once…….but felt like a total cornball after……that shit make the toughest nigga look like chumps……I’m from jerz…..they got a saying “you see food eat food be or be food” hell no not me

  8. The watcherz Says:

    Niggas out here be wearing it on they head like the real taliban….that shit be scaring the shit outta white people…..anything that scare white I’m all for it…….*positive cooniery*

  9. Prettytoney Says:

    this dude probly started every wack trend

  10. kvn Says:

    whack ass 3 stacks

  11. Mag Says:

    3 stacks GTFO

  12. Greg Says:

    If you were born in 88, you were not raised in the 90’s…you were 12 when they ended, so maybe you can count the last few years. You were raised in the first half of the new millenium, whippersnapper…

  13. ThatsWhatsUpMusic Says:

    3000, you wack!!! i hope you hear this!! Your wack as fuck!!! Don’t know why anyone could think you could save the rap game. It ain’t like you said ” So I’m watchin’ her fine ass
    Walk to my bedroom, and thought to myself
    That’s the shape of things to come.”

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