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The Cool Kids – Gold Chain + Dreamin

A couple of unreleased Cool Kids joints courtesy of the good folks at The Morning Tilt & Trolley Stop Entertainment. These are probably not the original titles.

The Cool Kids – Gold Chains

The Cool Kids – Dreamin’

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10 Responses to “The Cool Kids – Gold Chain + Dreamin”

  1. Wise Says:

    That boy Eskay stay on his shit.



  3. Joe 88 Says:

    What the fuck is a mood muzik? We doing murda muzik over here – prodigy

  4. Plug Says:

    /\ lol

  5. Joe 88 Says:

    Joe88 “4 Walls” > Joe Budden “4 Walls”

  6. The Cool Kids - Gold Chain + Dreamin | Hip-Hop News: For Heads, By Heads Says:

    […] The Cool Kids – Gold Chains […]

  7. Deano Says:

    U can’t sleep on ma dudes right here. I tell you these guys are about to take over MTV & BET but the Weezy,wackasses like T.I-Jeezy(I’m still pondering how these dudes call themselves lyricist or rappers), Kanye & Jays have the ish on lockdown(not for music either but corporate chokehold).

  8. Deano Says:

    Kanye betta not come with that bullish singing ish. I rode with him on all the albums (I think 50 ish was better albumwise last go around) but the singin stuff, nahhhh. I do understand his Moms passed away and that is usually the mark of a musician to make the album soppy after tragedy. However, i am not feeling the recent tracks; I guess he ain’t hungry no more.

  9. Mikey's Wife Says:

    amazinnnnng, I love you guys

  10. Alex. Says:

    Bringin hip hop back.


    check it out.

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