Video: Kano – Hustler

Off the U.K. MC’s upcoming mixtape album 140th Grime St.

via smokeYYY

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7 Responses to “Video: Kano – Hustler”

  1. eefer Says:

    It’s a proper album, not a mixtape. He dropped a mixtape a couple of months back though, mostly over hip-hop beats. Can drop a link if anyone wants it

  2. Deano Says:

    Mi fing its good, reminiscent of American Ganagster-Rik C…Kano been in the game for a while. My ole skool track, You’re just vain for me girl…The Streets, Kano and host of other grime MCs. Streets got the Source Award but Dizzee should have gotten that in 2006, Boy in da corner a Grime classic….

  3. Mr.Londoner Says:

    video is big..

    +1 for posting U.K music esk

  4. Stratford Lex Says:

    Props on postin sum UK talent

  5. Manik Says:

    Very surprised to see this here, but good looking Eskay.

  6. BOOOOON Says:

    in my personal opinion


    lol at only uk posters here. was hoping to see what our friends across the pond thought of english talent

  7. Dany Says:

    Forgot about him for awhile, but glad to see Kano is doing some great stuff. I saw him in London years ago, but he’ll likely never come here to the States. Most American hip hop fans only care about what’s happening in their own backyards.

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