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Rosenberg Podcast: Thr33’s The Magic Number


Here’s the first episode of Peter Rosenberg’s new podcast with U.K. mixshow hosts Mr. Montana and Menace. With guest Cormega.

Thr33’s The Magic Number – Show #1

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5 Responses to “Rosenberg Podcast: Thr33’s The Magic Number”

  1. ninefourteen Says:

    glad to see mega being interviewed but Pete has no chemistry with these brits.

  2. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    Jaun Epstein >>> this crap

  3. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    *Juan > Jaun

  4. Farts In A Jar Says:

    this sucks..Bring back Juan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tampasolar Says:

    pete is the the american version of giles peterson..minus the world music.
    this dude is changing the way we have been hearing hiphop on the radio.
    wild 98.7(a station in tampa) has even added a sunday show formated similar to pete’s


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