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Mr. X, illRoots, & Dub Floyd – Masterpieces (Mixtape)


The homey Mr. X teams up with illRoots and Dub Floyd for a new exclusive packed mixtape. Hit the jump for tracklist and link.

01. DJ Skee (Introduction)
02. Reks feat Termanology & Skyzoo – Money On The Ave (Remix)
03. Luguz – Go Hard (Freestyle)
04. J.Rocwell – Go Hard (Remix)
05. Lexx 9 Eleven feat. Grafh – I Rep My Hood
06. Hunt – Make It To The Top
07. Esso (Checks In)
08. Esso – The Secret
09. Vic Damone – Spaz
10. Both Nice (6th Sense & Wildabeast) feat. Andras – AM Set
11. Sha Stimuli (Checks In)
12. Sha Stimuli – Role Model
13. Young Buck – My Chevy
14. Hollewood & Freeway – Got Money (Freestyle)
15. Donny Goines feat. Phase One – Aint Scared To Admit It
16. Cambatta – What It Do
17. A. Pinks (Checks In)
18. A. Pinks – What Is You Sayin
19. Fly Union – Fitted
20. Proverb – Cry
21. Both Nice (6th Sense & Wildabeast) – Careless
22. Sic Osyrus – Everydays A Battle
23. Sugar Tongue Slim (Checks In)
24. Sugar Tongue Slim – Party To Party
25. Phene feat. Verbatim & CoCo – Envious Smiles
26. A. Pinks – This Is What I Do (Freestyle)
27. Freebass 808 – Get High
28. Ameer feat. Just – Welcome To The Game
29. Scanz & Yasin – Just Chill

Mr. X, illRoots, & Dub Floyd – Masterpieces (Mixtape)

Also: After you’re finished coppin from X, be sure to hit up Shake and Meka for some more crack.

It’s a Cartel thing, ya dig.

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9 Responses to “Mr. X, illRoots, & Dub Floyd – Masterpieces (Mixtape)”

  1. ODEMIC Says:

    mona lisa gangsta

  2. NotU Says:

    budden’s interviews >>>>>>

  3. D. Billz Says:

    # eskay Says:
    September 3rd, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    negativity > positivity

    ^ Fuck being positive cause negativity spreads faster – Best of Banks, Vol. 1

  4. D. Billz Says:

    Hey Mona Lisa, can I get a date on Friday? And if you’re busy, I wouldn’t mind taking Saturdayyyyy-ay-yayyyyyy

  5. gr3um5 Says:

    MONA L.I.z’ Up !

  6. eskay Says:

    “I’m an ignorant and negative nigga, I sell crack, bust guns, pop shit, and say I’m better than niggas” – David Styles

  7. Unidon Says:

    Creative Artwork!

    “This aint to be confused with the aim to be for loosers, i claim to speak the truth shit with the energy of confucius”.-Prezzidon of Bathmuzikk!

    Negativity>positivity in 3d! but in 4d and above negativity gets imolated!

  8. ODEMIC Says:

    all the Biggie stans are prolly pooling their money to buy that Tupac ring up for auction… likewise the pac stans for the Biggie jewellery.

    Im buying paintings, with bandanas on the mouf!

  9. Stratford Lex Says:

    U heard it from P/ u oughta know its da truth/ i’ll get ya kidnapped and raped an thrown off da roof.

    Fly of da roof nigga – Classic

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