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Audio: Pepa Speaks on Her New Book


Uh oh, another rap chick tell-all.

Pep speaks with Angela Yee about various topics covered in her new book.

(Note: I haven’t listened to these yet, so I’m just using the headlines as they were sent.)

Pepa Has Psychic Powers That Helped Her Escape a Gang-Rape:

Pepa Is The Reason Left Eye Torched Andre Rison’s House:

Pepa Talks About Her Turbulent Relationship With Treach

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16 Responses to “Audio: Pepa Speaks on Her New Book”

  1. GMFB Says:

    first. peppa’s lookin alright

  2. rex hussla Says:

    Rosco P. told HipHopDX this afternoon, “Yes people, it’s official, me and Premo are back at it. Premo is the best thing to happen to me since stink on shit and swiss cheese. Ya dig? He might be doing my whole muthafuckin’ album.

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! Yeah right…there’s a long line of motherfuckers waiting for a full Premo album man…..hhahahahahaha

  3. RIGZ Says:

    How the fuck her legs get so skinny…??? I hope dats photoshop lol

    I aint feeling alla dat marga shit…I liked the thick Pepa


  4. RIGZ Says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! Yeah right…there’s a long line of motherfuckers waiting for a full Premo album man…..hhahahahahaha


    Premo told Pharell he’d do it.

    Its on camera.

    It will probably happen.

  5. ezalb22 Says:

    She lost 40 lbs. and got her teeth fixed, and still couldn’t get in Playboy. Had to settle for a book no one will read.

  6. blaze22 Says:

    I’m ready for the Eminem produced Premo. That shit will be crazy.

  7. GuapKid Says:

    …next up charli baltimore….then queen pen

  8. BK2LV Says:

    mike jackson nose…. foh….. smash

  9. rex hussla Says:

    Premo told Pharell he’d do it.

    Its on camera.

    It will probably happen.

    Hasn’t he told Nas the same shit? I’ve heard a lot of people drop that in interviews too. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be down for any album solely produced by DJ Premier, but I hope nobody holds their breath for that shit.

    And that Eminem/Primo track will be crazy too…I hope Em only does a couple of beats on his own shit, unless he’s updated the sound a little bit. And where the fuck is Stat Quo’s shit?!?!?! Him and Obie should have been releasing an album every year for the last five…they’re doper than most commercial rappers out.

  10. RIGZ Says:

    Nas dont really want no Premo beats…Its more the fans sayin it than Nas

    Premier’s been saying for years that he’s got a million beats for Jay & Nas in the stash, but neither of them holla at him. And he always sounds disappointed when he says it too

    Pharrell on the other hand seems like he’ll hunt Premo down for those promised beats ASAP. Roscoe too…

    In every interview I’ve ever read, Preme makes it clear its not HIM why, these projects never happen. He’s ready. He’s waiting for the MCs to holla at him, which they never do (for some dumb reason)

    Fat Joe hollered tho

  11. R.J.Orion Says:

    Distrakt – Fire Escape

    that was the best hiphop video i’ve seen. maybe ever

  12. eskay Says:

    ^why don’t you say that in the post so the kid can see it.

  13. rex hussla Says:

    Yo RIGZ why you think that is? The price tag? Murs was at this in-store I went to talking about trying to get a Premo beat but his asking price was almost his whole album budget. Probably not too high for Nas and Jay. I don’t fucking get it at all.

    His track is always the standout on the album, That White was the most talked about track on Fat Joe’s new shit.

    Everybody says they can’t get in touch with Premo…Premo says he can’t get in touch with artists. Somebody’s bullshittin.

  14. RIGZ Says:

    Rex, who knows. Jay says he dont holla @ Preme like that cos he’s got Just & Kanye now. Which is a good enuff reason as any I guess

    Nas…I just think Nas dont want a Premier beat that much. Fuck a phone number. If he REALLY wanted a beat, aint nuttin stoppin him from just walking into D&D. He knows where it is, he’s been there enuff times. And I cant see Preme kicking him out on sum “You didnt call first” shit.

    But who knows. They could have a personal beef for all we know. But I know it was never Nas saying “I wanna do a album with Preme!” It was the fans & Premier himself.

    If Fat Joe can afford/find Preme, then so can Nas.

  15. RIGZ Says:

    I remember Fat Joe saying he’s still got Premier’s number in his phone lol

    More disturbing than the Primo shit tho, is the fact that Nas & Pete Rock have only ever made ONE SONG together. That must be sum personal shit…

    And at this point I’d rather hear new Pete/Nas than Preme/Nas

  16. G7 Says:

    where Pep’s thighs at?

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