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DJ Quik & Terrace Martin – The Martin & Blake Jam Session


Here’s a collaborative instrumental from producer and musician Terrace Martin and DJ Quik.

Quik is on the beat and Terrace is on sax.

DJ Quik & Terrace Martin – The Martin & Blake Jam Session

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4 Responses to “DJ Quik & Terrace Martin – The Martin & Blake Jam Session”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    D. Billz Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 11:47 am
    iCon… Yo, Charlie Murphy is gonna be at the Improv in October.


    ***Oh shit, I might have to hit that jawn- but damn, C. Murph was playing DAR Constitution Hall last year- I guess the post-Chappelle career slump was inevitable…

    ***Hugs for the honeys, pounds for the ruffnecks (none) (c) Biggie

  2. D. Billz Says:

    lo k Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 12:01 pm
    ^Of course it predates breakdancing because that’s where breakdancing stems from. But in comparison to many of the martial arts it is definitely weaker in form, power, and utility. I appreciate the fact that it’s an African art however; that’s a one-way ticket to gettin’ your block knocked off in an acctual fight (c) Youtube clips of Capoiera vs. other arts.

    ^^nah, I seen cats use it in MMA. And after having seen folks get knocked out, I would have to disagree. Clearly there are certain movements that are not intended to hurt anyone, at least not in the same manner that punching someone in the temple is, but there are movements in other martial arts that are also for show or to distract just the same. It depends on the application and the person applying it, as well as how much of a purist you’re trying to be.

    ^Knocked out from Capoeria? I’d probably have to see that to believe it. Lol. But see, MMA is a different situation because it combines arts. Unless someone is just brutally potent in their one art (which would usually be San Shou, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) in order to take down someone. For instance, you could take the top ranked Shotokan fighter and the top right Capoeria fighter and I believe the Shotokan fighter will win hands down. Better yet, since Capoiera (sp) is primarily leg movements, I would pit a top Tae Kwon Do fighter in with the Cap dude and it would be the same results in, IMO. And those Youtube clips I’ve seen of Cap fighters KTFO solidify my bias, lol.

  3. DJ Quik & Terrace Martin - The Martin & Blake Jam Session « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] Interestingly enough, I was talking to my friend about DJ Quik’s “Quik’s Groove” joints throughout his various albums. Then I spotted this over at eskay’s crib. This is a dope instrumental with Quik behind the boards and Terrace on the saxamophone. […]

  4. Bayan Says:

    yeah, quality music gets 2 (two) comments and both are irrelevant

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