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Video: T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – Swagger Like Us (Fan Made)

This has moments of hilarity.

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21 Responses to “Video: T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – Swagger Like Us (Fan Made)”

  1. gr3um5 Says:

    real good fan vid

    ti must give some dollars
    for this !


  2. Joe 88 Says:

    *Woke up this morning feeling like the shit & the urine*

  3. Darth Cipher Says:


    I agree

  4. grs Says:

    real good

  5. George Cooney Says:

    Hilarity at its finest..

  6. not ur average joe Says:

    LOL @ the “nobody hotter than me” at 3:57

  7. TrueMack Says:

    that was actually good…LiL wayne part was the funniest

  8. Keyboard K Says:

    Lol at waking up and feeling like the shit & the urine and Adam West in the building.

    Good to see La Haine repped up in there too…

  9. Rey Says:

    This was awesome. Classic late-summer, early-fall song, and a great video. Someone needs to buy this kid a steak.

  10. gr3um5 Says:

    if jocking jayz and swagger like us
    are on BP3, it won’t be a classic as BP !
    but let we see the whole tracklist to say dat,
    maybe i’m wrong… cuz the next joint “victory” is a classic announced !!! bitches

  11. Absent Says:

    # not ur average joe Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    LOL @ the “nobody hotter than me” at 3:57

    >>>That part was the funniest hahaha

    “Swagger Like Mick Jagger” – Ghostface on “The Champ”…hmmm

  12. gr3um5 Says:

    [Ghostface Killah]
    I like the deuce of diamonds cutting spades on a glass table
    Half a mil on my left ankle
    Terry cloth Guess shorts robes is comfortable
    Bring me a nice bitch that means I’ll fuck with you
    My swagger is Mick Jaeger stones is rolling
    Prestige is cut to it tis ? spark when weed went up
    The Cocoa leaf is slightly damp

  13. marauder Says:

    5 stars.

  14. Heinsain Swagger Says:

    i like MIA, fan made vids are nice,


  15. HotSauceNL Says:

    lol@ Travis Bickle (De Niro in Taxi Driver) in Wanye’s part saying “WTF you boys talking bout”

    Dunno, it just made me laugh haha

  16. T.I. - Swagger Like Us f. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne (Fan Video) « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] Hope everyone is enjoying their day off. I’m taking it easy but not fully doing the stay away from the computer thing like I should. Anyways, eskay threw up this pretty sweet fan made video for the track that Atlantic shit a brick over. If I get a C&D over this shit? I’m putting people on my list and taking heads off. […]

  17. Stevie Destro Says:

    wow that was crazy lol

  18. nashon Says:

    this is pretty dope

  19. paychexx Says:

    shit is nice, really put some in this, edit was real smooth
    only problem is t.i. talking bout youg jeezy, not hov
    but overall 5*

  20. Greg Says:

    paychex – When I first heard the track back when, I figured originally Jeezy was supposed to be on the song instead of Jay….but Jay got wind of the project and pushed himself upon T.I…or made Kanye get him in on it. Just seems odd to call out Kanye & Wayne, but not Jay….

    After all…Tip, Weezy, Jeezy, & Kanye are all peers. Jay is like a bigger brother, older cousin type dude….and at 40+ should stopping rapping anyways and leave it to the young bucks/new generation (how old is Clifford by the way?)

  21. ROC Says:

    I got my tix to go see Jay at the new Hollywood Palladium….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are gonna have to rebuild it after yo boy is done wit it.


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