Video: Don Cannon – Making of Dope Boys Remix

via LupEND

Previously: Lupe Fiasco ft. Wale & Kardinal Offishall- Dope Boys (Remix)

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9 Responses to “Video: Don Cannon – Making of Dope Boys Remix”

  1. 123 Says:


  2. Raiheen Says:

    I dont get the lyric play for this, I would think that they would go in a little different on this one, Dope Boys, Lupe, Wale, KO, now that is not waht I expected I expected spitting at a higher caliber from these guys, they spit dont get me wrong it is just the subject should of been a little better for this beat. Some things need to be just left alone if not done correctly.

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  3. gr3um5 Says:


  4. eskay Says:

    like I don’t know a fucking spam comment when I see one.

  5. Tiiz Says:

    I still wanna know why Kardinal Offishal deserved to be on this??

  6. gr3um5 Says:

    thx don cannon fo circulate jeezyz banga


  7. edgar c. Says:

    only times you’ll see me even go near this sample is when i’m listening to, “t.r.o.y.,” or “,today”…

    very brave of don cannon to remake perfection…

    t.r.o.y. is really the greatest hip-hop beat of all time…

    and it is really crazy how pete did this with 12 seconds of sample time…

    if don cannon is telling u that it took him long with all the advances in tech now…

    can u imagine how long it took pete back then?

    (this concludes this trip into 90’s nostalgia)

  8. gr3um5 Says:

    One of the … g o a t !

    Cuz Hip-Hop iz plurial !

  9. decatur dan Says:

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