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Juelz Santana – Go Hard


Juelz Santana – Go Hard

Off that new Grand Theft Audio 8 from Big Mike.

Props to Mr. X.

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9 Responses to “Juelz Santana – Go Hard”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    New juelz! Aye

  2. Sean Coonery Says:

    Juelz is a skinny dude.

  3. jersey da new new york Says:

    juelz is a faggot…and he pussy…

  4. ODEMIC Says:

    no homo for the last two comments. aye!

  5. Peoples Says:

    I dont know what to think about this song. Big Mike said that Juelz is back? With a song like this Juelz is far from being back. Juelz fell off with this song. And this is coming from someone who has alot of respect for Juelz

  6. mike Says:

    Things will never be the same….

  7. efdee Says:

    Once again ppl are forgetting if it wasnt for Cam this dude would have been sleeping on a bench. Fags like Juelz do not understand that cuz they ungrateful bitches like Jim Jones. Cam had a successful career without them so they needed him. Cmon lets be real u wudve never heard of this dude if it wasnt for Cam jus feeling like reaching out. Cam is the only proper rapper from the top 3 in Dipset. Juelz just sells cuz of his female fanbase. Juelz is lame ever since he stopped fuckin wit Cam jus look at his lyrics theyre so unoriginal and stupid “Flyer than an ostrich” and “Young splashy splash aka Cashy cash” wtf? Im happy Cam sold his bitch ass for 2mill. thats alot of money considering tdays music industry. U cud tell Juelz a bitch when he says stuff like “Cam gave me a chance”. Nigga dont understand Cam gave him his career! So its Killa Cam all day if ur a real hip hop fan Crime Pays this November Fuck Juelz and Jimmy(nigga was Cam’s back up dancer in ’98 go see the videos). Team Aura Cam’ron takeover!!! btw Cam is chillin in Miami driving a Saleen S7 and takin care of his mom Real Talk! Skullgang lol wtf? How lame and fake can u get Juelz?

  8. killa cameron Says:


  9. Peoples Says:

    alright efdee i can agree with that. But Juelz aint wack Juelz just aint tryna release the shit he wants to becuase Cam is holding him back. I know that Juelz should be more respectful to Cam for putting him on but Juelz is tryna go where the money is right now. If he stuck with Cam then would we even be seeing Juelz right now?

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