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Video: T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It

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27 Responses to “Video: T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne – Can’t Believe It”

  1. colin Says:

    why is nas’ (sly fox) letting fox use ‘hero’ for the promo on one of their new shows?

  2. thighigah Says:


    especially high

  3. Digital Dao Says:

    cant front. that shit is cool.

  4. cOLD Says:

    prediction: Wayne and Pain will do an album together

  5. E. Tiggidy Says:

    Its really the audacity he exudes when claiming the vocoder biting is getting out of hand that doesn’t make sense. Has he once given Roger Troutman his props?

  6. Big Homie Says:

    SMH at me having the Access Granted (making of this video) on TV when I was cookin dinner

  7. Big Homie Says:


    ^ Damn

  8. NotU Says:

    Big Homie Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    ^ Damn

    *cancels plans to meet BabyDoll in VA*

    Shit is rough

  9. Big Homie Says:

    * no more attempts to buy a night with Pinky on Craigs List *

  10. pockets Says:

    *never plans on attending “nah right bbq”* ima get robbed at checkpoint by a bunch of yonkers thugs

  11. spanish jay Says:

    prediction: Wayne and Pain and r kelly nate dog and missy elliot and busta rhymes and mjb and jadakiss will do an album together

  12. yaboy Says:

    michelle obama came correct on that speech…

  13. the snow donkey Says:

    i got a life size picture of t-pain goin to aspen, then wisconsin, then toronto.
    i know someone he’s related to is a travel agent.

  14. WR Says:

    Robot love song

  15. pockets Says:

    looking at the Democratic Convention stage setup i cant help but think how elaborate the show is, it all looks so fake, how that shit is all just a distraction from them telling u what they are actually going to do.

  16. ian Says:

    > prediction: Wayne and Pain will do an album together

    D’uh. That’s what the T-Wayne shirts have been about over the past few months.

  17. Jewtino Says:

    Why is T-Pain dressing like a cracked out version of George Clinton?

  18. eskay Says:

    >>*never plans on attending “nah right bbq”* ima get robbed at checkpoint by a bunch of yonkers thugs

    yeah, but that’s just to set the mood, after that you’ll be chillin


    Not at all bad. Fresh, even. Can’t believe T-Pain lasted this long, but hats off to him. NPI.

  20. Young Money Says:

    At a club here in Miami Timbaland said he was gonna produce majority of T-Wayne. Then he played a track with him and T-Pain off Tim’s new album..FIRE….needless to say all I need is a track like Bartender and he can do whatever else he wants..

  21. lynx765 Says:

    its a lil trippy, but its visually stunning. someting diff from the reg, girls in da club video…

  22. 123 Says:


  23. marauder Says:

    i actually like this alot. i mean, way more than anything he’s ever done; which prolly means it won’t be a hit.

  24. Rocco907 Says:

    i didn’t watch all of the video, but this shit is super pussy…do dudes actually sit around and listen to this garbage? chicks, i can understand cause they don’t know any better…seriously, this is hot trash

  25. E Says:

    Appropriate title, smh.

    This song makes me ill. Any more posts about Mos Def and Kanye doing stuff together.

  26. ra Says:

    damn, they go hard

  27. 1DER Says:

    man, cant knock on TPAIN or wayne. people forget we dont and arent supposed to know these niggas personally, so fuck it, just get to know the music! (video killed the radio star) dudes got style. might not be mine, but that shit is banging. appreciate teh music and keep it movin, ppl need to diversify their own listenning catalogue to the point that you cant get caught up in this state of music. youll find that you still love hip hop, jus gotta put away the telescope that only allows us to se “stars” everything else in the univers is still relavant.



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