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BK Cyph – My President Sold Crack


I actually know the homey BK Cyph and he’s a good dude plus his lead single has a positive message that runs contrary to alot of the shit that’s popular on the radio and in the hood nowadays.

It’s funny because, if you rap and you know me personally, I will be way less likely to just post your shit on GP. It sounds fucked up, but I have my reasons. In any event, I couldn’t pass up on this joint, on the strength of the message alone.

Here’s a short message from BK explaining the concept:

Ya’ll already know what I never sold, but can our leaders say the same? I dropped this record in honor of one of the greatest hustlers that ever lived. Frank Lucas? Big Meech? Nah they ain’t have shit on Ronald Reagan. That motherfucker was responsible for bringing crack to the hood in the 80’s then turned around and had his wife lead the “war on drugs!!!” Ain’t that some shit? Way before Bush, it was Reagan who shaped my distrust for the U.S. Government.

BK Cyph – My President Sold Crack

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6 Responses to “BK Cyph – My President Sold Crack”

  1. Digital Scales Says:


  2. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    oh shit Omar big time now…well kind of. he still playin thieves. but hey he’s in a big time movie.


    …also this movie is gonna be mad dope…cause the book was incredible.

    yup yup…lunch time.


  3. that guy Says:

    shit, my president dont even car bout black people. hot joint.

  4. Nanci O Says:

    this needs to be the unofficial theme song at the democratic nat’l convention

  5. Vee Says:

    I saw this brother perform a while back in Brooklyn. Great performance and flow.

  6. Steely D Says:

    BUP BUP!!!

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