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Video: Clipse x Ab Liva x Society Originals

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5 Responses to “Video: Clipse x Ab Liva x Society Originals”

  1. NotU Says:

    Finding a hole in your socks is the worst….

  2. eskay Says:


  3. eskay Says:


  4. gr3um5 Says:

    clipse third ish, pliz !


  5. greg Says:

    this guys are over! the clipse present re-up album is wack!! no effort got put into any of it & i can’t believe as 1st time ceo’s, the clipse dropped such bullshit!! i notice also beside that fruity fastlane video & rap city..that the anchor of the r.u.g. sandman has been absent of almost all the press for this album!! i got his new solo album for free on http://www.yeahhhcannons.com it’s a classic!!

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