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Tony Yayo ft. Ransom – Face Off

Ransom adds a verse to this. Is Marvin getting ready to drop a mixtape or something? I saw he had some song out with the word “blog” in the title, but I never got around to checking it out. I hope I didn’t miss anything. Did he at least shout me out?

Tony Yayo ft. Ransom – Face Off

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9 Responses to “Tony Yayo ft. Ransom – Face Off”

  1. o-1hun Says:

    he shouted out all the blogs that dont get read

  2. Rob Rush Says:

    hahaha FUCK that picture is so golden. killer vitamin water hat.

  3. MES Says:


    those were the days

  4. Ehblogspot Says:

    This song is a little hot to be fair…… That Hate Blog song was not worth a second listen…..

  5. Tumer Says:

    Yayo hilarious… got to admit tho, he been spittin lately…. ???

  6. the kid Says:

    yayo came aiight. honestly if u compare line line with game. aint much difference. all games is name droppin and wack metaphors.

  7. Snottie Pippen Says:

    yo that pic gotta be a classic.lmao @ the vitamin water hat.HERE WE GO NOW

  8. rboogz Says:

    Not bad at all….and I’m not a Marvin fan at all…like others said – I may have to actually check out Ransom now

  9. Robby Wells Says:

    That hat is sad. It looks homemade.

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