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Keith Murray – I’m Your Weekend Special

You may recall that Keith was robbed for his laptop and some cash about a year ago when gunmen ran up in a studio he was recording at in South Africa. This was recorded during those sessions. It samples Brenda Fassie’s song “Weekend Special” and was produced by her son Bongz.

Keith Murray – I’m Your Weekend Special

Props to HHS

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19 Responses to “Keith Murray – I’m Your Weekend Special”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Good Shit

  2. D. Billz Says:

    What ever happened to L.O.D.? Or are they just goons on deck?

  3. PHOENIXXX Says:

    word is bond

    I’d rather fight Alfamega than Trick Trick :(

  4. Plug Says:

    *combats tyybiggums joe buddens stanery with canibus stanery*

    Through my music, magic, and inoculated interaction,
    Rip The Jacker shows you the future in fragments,
    Through MADNESS my view is expanded,
    Request passage permission is granted,
    I’ll introduce you to the language of DRAGONS!
    To help balance near impossible trances in the labyrinth
    Of the enchanted where air quality is unbearably rancid,
    From evil spirits, temperatures frigid,
    I cross wooden bridges over methane rivers, it sounds crazy, but listen,

  5. Plug Says:

    Fantastic, rhyme mechanics, like that of a blind pianist,
    The keys are metallic, my fingers are magnets,
    The music is magic, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?
    The stanzas are rites of passage,
    Your left brain habits become your baggage,
    The masses become savage, roamin’ the streets with torn fabrics,
    Creativity is less than average
    Every baby is born a bastard, so why did you have it!?
    This question requires no answer or understanding,

  6. Plug Says:

    I found a link that explains canibus lyrics. One of the lines he used had a link to a George Carlin video that was used to explain what Bis was talkin bout

    Our ancestors asked the same thing,
    And we’ve gotten no closer then they’ve been,
    so I prey for the day when,
    We don’t even need eyes to confirm,
    the science and the poor education we’ve put our faith in.


  7. sleep Says:

    Ima propose to my girl in 6 months.

  8. Plug Says:

    Ima propose to my girl in 6 months.
    sorry to hear that

  9. sleep Says:

    Anybody got a zshare link with that new daddy yankee album.

  10. sleep Says:

    Sorry to hear that

    That deserves a ayo

  11. miltee Says:

    god damn this new GZA album is so tight.

    Wu-Tang Clan is probably first on my list of oldschoolers to succeed in the mainstream again…

  12. ENIG MUE Says:

    This Keith Murray song is mad happy.

    I wonder if her son gotta pay for the clearance sample from the record label that owns the masters or can his mom just be like ‘its cool’?

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  14. Plug Says:

    god damn this new GZA album is so tight.

    Wu-Tang Clan is probably first on my list of oldschoolers to succeed in the mainstream again…
    I dont believe you. you need more cosigns

  15. gr3um5 Says:

    good shyt !

  16. Hardway$syd Says:

    HIs Moms is dead and he don’t own the masters

  17. Rumbakali Says:

    Enig Mue: his moms died in 2004. So unless he owns the masters, he may have to pay someone. This sampled song is from 1983 by the way.

  18. Rumbakali Says:

    Oops didn’t see Hardway’s comment.

  19. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Keith Murray Speaks on Laptop Robbery Says:

    […] his trip to South Africa. He also explains how he got robbed for his money and laptop when gunmen ran up in the studio he was working in with Zola 7 and Brenda Fassie’s son […]

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