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Video: Juelz Santana’s Car Lot

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17 Responses to “Video: Juelz Santana’s Car Lot”

  1. blaze22 Says:


  2. Temp Agency aka Young Splashy Splash Says:


  3. SDP Says:

    juelz is in my top 5

    juelz > jay z

  4. Tumer Says:

    blaze22 Says:

    August 22nd, 2008 at 2:37 pm



  6. SDP Says:

    yall should check out santanas town wayne remix.

    its on the drought 3

    its bananas

  7. SDP Says:

    i can jump on any niggas song and make a part 2 (c) Weezy F.

  8. Tumer Says:

    juelz > jay z
    Juelz is ok, but seriously? FUCK NO

  9. SDP Says:

    im serious.

    i got a million more quotables from juelz than hov.

    punchlines? they aint close..juelz is on top of his game…but

    hovy is still nice….i just dont like him….never listened to his shit..all i know from him is 99 problems…then ether lol …then….kingdom come which sucked ass…then american gangster which should have been a mixtape

  10. Tumer Says:

    Where the fuck am I?
    SDP you got some fucking listening to do bruh. I doubt Juelz has ever spoken a million SYLLABLES…Ay!

  11. SDP Says:

    Pay attention to the lecture
    My words carry life like a stretcher

    champagne for breakfast, and
    Sports cars for lunch, and pussy for dinner
    I eat rappers and call it pussy for dinner

    Its Weezy Baby, shine like a brass monkey
    I’m never broke, never have a cast on me
    Always paid, always got cash on me
    I gotta feed, the pockets in my pants hungry
    I’m a phantom hauler, a shooter not a brawler
    And ya girlfriends a determined Carter caller
    Control a bitch, and let a nigga hold a bitch
    Put her on the corner shit, and let her make a porno flick
    She would play the roll again
    Whenever she roll again, pop a pill and roll again
    Now we on the roll again
    I work her, work her
    Tell her be my slave, bitch I’m paid
    Out my cage, I just can’t feel my face
    With Santana, we wild riders like Al Qaeda
    Supreme dada, young mula, Bird Junior, yeah

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow (c) Flava Flav

  12. Mr92503 Says:

    WTF is this dude doin’

    Fix ya hat, take that backpack off, looking like the lost of member of Leaders of the New School, on some 1992.. fuck shit.

    I hope this isn’t a reflection of his new ”deal”/

  13. gr3um5 Says:

    juelz ” ain’t > ” jay-z
    juelz iz top 10 rookies (in the sense of new generation, not new comer)
    santana is cool !
    does dope joints plus has tha style !
    huslter muzak

  14. efdee Says:

    Imagine Camron’s( juelz’s boss) cars! i heard his latest is a Saleen S7 he drives in Miami!!! Killa!

  15. fuckyall Says:

    he does have swag but man i hate the kids who call out DIPSET and shit even on the internet that shit is fucking stupid.

  16. Mr92503 Says:

    >>>>he does have swag but man i hate the kids who call out DIPSET and shit even on the internet that shit is fucking stupid.

    If that is in response to my comment, don’t dare classify me in that category.

    That wasn’t on no ”I hate DipSet” shit, I actually still pay attention to those guys, it was a mere observation… This motherfucker look retarted in that get-up. End Of Story.

  17. lea Says:

    i just love how the goonz are always there being cheerleaders and just in awe of what the next man has and youre satisfied with being his homeboy and you get to wash and park the phantom! they should become CO’s and get that $35-40k a year! LOL! Hell I got 3 cars!!!

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