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Video: Lakey The Kidd – Hip-Hop Love

New clip from the QB OG off a new mixtape/DVD he’s dropping.

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10 Responses to “Video: Lakey The Kidd – Hip-Hop Love”

  1. NotU Says:

    kfc sucks

  2. Peoples Says:

    damn no respect for Lakey?

  3. Unxpekted aka DMV's Disciple Says:

    I respect him.. Hes the suge knight of the east coast, he probably shouldnt rap because most rappers are fake and Lakey is a known drug kingpin in queens

  4. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    ^^^ def never was a kingpin, he did put in work though…. why are all the realest rappers, the worst ones ???

  5. Ex-Slave Says:

    Was expecting this to be garbage but it was actally great. Best record I’ve heard in a while, video is great too…. probably better….

  6. Ron Says:

    This song ain’t bad actually. I have heard far worse from other “rappers”.

  7. gr3um5 Says:

    LAKE da hUstlA !

    the brother’s keeper,
    New York City

    dope joint !!

  8. jersey da new new york Says:

    yeaa lakey is dat nigga…ya gotta see dis nigga clown prodigy..loll…by the way…wassup wit all u cornballs trynna act smart now and use words like “actually” “as a matter of fact” “honestly speaking” “to tell u the truth” “not bad at all”…loll @ u niggas

  9. chronwell Says:

    American Rat Killa is actually one of the dopest mixtape explorations one can honestly analyze!Lake keeps it hooder than anybody from QB besides Tragedy or Black Poet or Mega.

  10. yaboy Says:

    this shit is ill

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