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The Cool Kids – Delivery Man


I heard a commercial for this early this morning on my way back from the airport and then I forgot all about it.

It appears that Mountain Dew has gotten into the music business and will be releasing singles from select artists for free download, which I personally think is a great idea.

Now, let’s all sit back and watch as music becomes free. Ha.

The Cool Kids – Delivery Man

Props to WDIR for the reminder and the link I just jacked from them.

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9 Responses to “The Cool Kids – Delivery Man”

  1. Prince Says:

    yo i kno im not the only 1 wit a co-worker that always got a story or summin 2 say that u jus dont give 2 fucks about this dude 50 and tellin me bout girls bak in the days im like dude im 20 i wasnt born when this happened i dont care.. he jus keeps talkin i have my ipod on and im on nahright i look over he still is talkin smh.. old people

  2. CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    Ice cream Jones cart > Cool Kids ice cream truck

  3. RIGZ Says:

    Snap outta Candyland kids, the old rumour is
    Blacks become immune to shit we never did
    Like eating dead birds, plus the pharmacy over herbs
    Men marrying men, ill, they got the urge
    Pulsar, swissor-hands
    Wiz vanished in the summer, living off flan
    You gottdam right I fuck fans!

  4. KilluminattI7 Says:

    KilluminattI7 Says:

    August 21st, 2008 at 3:37 pm
    Look who came out of hiding…


    Ha-No doubt. Unemployment is a helluva drug..

    *Hugs CiCi

    *Notices J-Deez still under desk, giving wink, and thumbs up sign*

    … uh now who hiding what..?


  5. D. Billz Says:

    # Joe 88 Says:
    August 21st, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Since we’re talking bout ODB, why was it not a big deal when old dirty named his album “nigga please” but the world stopped when nas wanted to do it? I’m starting to think they pay attention to the music more than we think they do

    ^Empowerment. I went into detail about this.

    Go to my friends list on Myspace. Go to DBrad (the dude who put Stephen Hill on blast as a fag). Then go to his blog about the “N” word and read my response.

    Meanwhile, I’m postin’ that damn Weezy XXL cover. Too. Funny.

  6. Ty Says:

    It seems like Hip-Hop is going the same route as Hollywood with the whole subiliminal product placement in their music.

  7. Tiiz Says:

    Oh shit, doesn’t Mikey sound like Camron in the hook?

  8. urswurv Says:

    I luv the climate of hiphop right now..artists have to work hard to get fans for free tour or jack these coporate fucks to make money. that grind makes alot of the music throw away but it also hones skillz for some

  9. Nah Right » The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles (Artwork + Track List) Says:

    […] Mountain Dew launched their record label, Green Label Sound, by releasing an exclusive single, “Delivery Man” by The Cool Kids. Two and a half years later, When Fish Ride Bicycles will be the first full-length […]

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