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Murs – Me and This Jawn

Murs – Me and This Jawn

Grabbed from Ben

Previously: Murs – Can It Be

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22 Responses to “Murs – Me and This Jawn”

  1. SNORT_SNORTcrazy88since88 Says:


  2. SDP Says:

    murs is homeless.

    L dot a dot cali 4 ni a hot

  3. SNORT_SNORTcrazy88since88 Says:

    …Alanis Morissette put some meat on her ass…

  4. NotU Says:

    Okay now I think Game got beef with Bow Wow cause he’s taking it too far…..talking about album sales and showing his momma phone number on youtube

  5. pockets Says:

    now that’s a dickhead

  6. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    ….WHOOOOAAA… a Whole LOTTA nice ass on both sides of this Olympics Womens Vollyball match… Bootyshorts all day.

  7. anons Says:

    first jackson 5 now the isleys…murs comin with these 90’s samples

  8. 203aEnglandRepresent Says:

    That female javelin thrower from Paraguay is the best lookin strumpet in the Olympics hands down. Hold up while I get a pic up.

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:


  10. novelsone Says:


  11. EnglandRepresent Says:


  12. EnglandRepresent Says:


  13. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    # pockets Says:
    August 21st, 2008 at 1:17 am

    now that’s a dickhead

    ^^^ LOL………and ayo…

  14. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    after reading that complex magazine, I gotta say now that cassie>>>>>>

    fuck that she dont gotta ass, her face is “sent from heaven” – K.Cole

  15. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Co-sign Fidel, I been wanting to violate Cassie for a hot minute, she’s amazing.

  16. kob killa Says:

    eskay is a dweeb, wheres the new Cam?

  17. Fidel Cashflow Says:



    So coming from Chicago, does the city almost automatically give you the necessary environment for “freshness”?

    Hell no! You gotta find it, and Chicago is definitely NOT a fashion city. I find inspiration in Paris, Tokyo, London, and NYC. Those are fashion cities.

    – Ibn Jasper

  18. Eastern_Digital Says:

    smh @ the gunners signin that fished faced cunt silvestre. i mean in Arsene we rust and everything, but im very sceptical about this transfer. and if we just came to teach the younger players with his experience why send djourou on loan right away…why not only for the second half of the season?

    i still hope we bring in de la Red.

  19. gr3um5 Says:

    Murs For President !

  20. dried figs Says:

    murs is from the west coast. what’s he making a song about “JAWNS” for? Jawn is from philly.

    BOO THIS MAN!!!!

  21. BMUSE Says:

    because Murs is universal
    hes your favorite rapper son.
    he can say whatever he wants!

  22. ClickClack Says:


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