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Video: The Game – Official House of Pain Snippet Video

We’ve already heard the entire song, but here’s the DJ Skee produced snippet video.

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6 Responses to “Video: The Game – Official House of Pain Snippet Video”

  1. Paperstacker Says:

    I understand Jeezy will never drop an It Was Written or an Illmatic but Nas won’t drop another album like those again either


    lol, Jeezy will never drop anything close to Stillmatic, Lost Tapes, I am or even an Untitled for a matter of fact.

    This Game album looks like it might turn out to be pretty decent.

  2. darius miles Says:

    the link is to angel w/ common not house of pain…lax looks pretty dope

  3. bxcapo Says:

    cornball- listen to his lyrics “flo like aregano” only cornball from compton

  4. jersey Says:

    Anticipating homies retirement. No creativity at all. His style,voice and lyrics wears on you like milk on a lactose intolarant individual. lol

  5. Los Says:

    Not a Game fan but he came through on this album. Way better than Doctor’s Advocate iMho

  6. darius miles Says:

    still havent fixed that link

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