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Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My President Is Black


The Recession is coming. In more ways than one.

Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My President Is Black

Props to OnSMASH

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13 Responses to “Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My President Is Black”

  1. Victory Says:


  2. not even hatin Says:


  3. UnkleAnt Says:

    GOATradamus >>>>>>

  4. BobJones Says:

    Does that mean is leakin

  5. Victory Says:

    *after listen*

    i dont like jeezy. dunno why. i mean hes ok. sometimes good but this is heavy.

  6. Parodi Says:


  7. rcsnickers Says:

    straight fiya…nas went in!

  8. Streetwearisdead.com Says:

    “I’m the realest nigga on this label”-Nas

    Nas is a beast.

  9. homieBtotheJ Says:

    Nas went in

  10. young global Says:

    what is Nas wearing? :-/

  11. Mag Says:

    Jeezy doesn’t rock 8732

  12. Real Talk Says:

    This joint is soo serious. They both went hard on this one, but you know what.

    Jeezy >> Nas on this joint.

    Come on admit it.

    Between this and a couple remixs I officially give Jizzle the most stepped up rap game award. Peep the can’t tell me nothing official remix and get back to me.

  13. Shut Up! Says:

    Jeezy >> Nas on this joint.

    ^^^^ you are buggin

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