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Video: Red & Meth – Time 4 Sum Akshun/Method Man (Live)

In Paris. By the way, If you’ve never seen these guys live, you should go play in traffic.

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4 Responses to “Video: Red & Meth – Time 4 Sum Akshun/Method Man (Live)”

  1. rex hussla Says:


    Yoooo watch the first minute…lmao!!

    “Hi, I’m Dominique Dawes”

    *Dwight Howard almost dies*

  2. State of Grace Says:

    They’re coming here in like a month, but last time Red tried to get here he couldn’t make it over the border. Apparently Hov had difficulties but he managed to make it. If they both make it I’m definitely there though.

  3. hayguys Says:

    old school nice… that song was literally on funkmaster flex’s like first or second mixTAPE

  4. homieBtotheJ Says:

    respect to Red & Meth, they got that still got that crazy thang going on that hip hop’s been missing, HAVING FUN AND ACTUALLY HAVING A FLOW, NIGGA!

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