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LL Cool J – Exit 13 Tracklist

1. It’s Time For War
2. Old School New School
3. Feel My Heart Beat feat. 50 Cent
4. Get Over Here feat. It’s Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal & Ticky Diamondz
5. Baby feat. The Dream
6. You Better Watch Me
7. Cry
8. Baby “Rock Remix” feat. Richie Sambora
9. Rocking With The G.O.A.T.
10. This Is Ring Tone M… feat. Grandmaster Caz
11. Like A Radio feat. Ryan Leslie
12. I Fall In Love feat. Elan of The DEY
13. Ur Only A Customer
14. Mr. President feat. Wyclef Jean
15. American Girl
16. Speedin On Da Highway/Exit 13 feat. Funkmaster Flex
17. Come And Party With Me feat. Fat Joe and Sheek Louch
18. We Rollin’
19. Dear Hip Hop

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21 Responses to “LL Cool J – Exit 13 Tracklist”

  1. mikewaxx Says:


  2. sean coonery Says:

    shut the fuck up you disgusting faggot

  3. eskay Says:

    I got so fucking shit faced last night.

  4. Pierce Brosnan Says:

    Damn,Sean Connery really must love Cool J,what a “disgusting faggot”

    anyways,who gives a flyin fuck bout this,Cool J aint been dope since the early 90’s

  5. jason Says:

    will there be workout photos in the cd booklet?

  6. topbillin Says:

    this looks wacker than a mahfukka


    good tracklist to hope a good album
    beef………… imagine if a verse iz about someone…. crazy
    remember ll cool j on his own album with canibus! so : exit 13
    furst album with
    fat joe (terror squad) & sheek louch (lox)
    fifty cent
    on it !!!

  8. Mr.Londoner Says:

    AM I THAT TIRED.. or did this ninja put a remix of “Baby” as an album track.. not even an bonus track.. *smfh*

  9. MES Says:

    feel my heartbeat will probably be a love song*eyes roll*

  10. Hova's Stan Says:

    gt dis feelin dat trak 1z gna be a distrake aimed @ jigga..

  11. MES Says:

    i think this album is going to be a major DUD 80,000 first week man i need a Detox single leak or a King Mathers leak or something Hip Hop is so dead right now i cant believe im the only one who thinks “Jockin Jay-Z” is trash.

  12. spirit equality Says:

    wow. i’ve never seen an album look worse on paper. it’s like the kind of tracklisting my friends would make up as a joke.

  13. 7thirty ent Says:

    thought 50 was exec producing this album. strange that he would let fat joe and sheek louch appear on it

  14. Hykoo Says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t miss that track 4 features an MC called Jizz?

  15. the one Says:

    amazing lol you niggas might go down in history as the biggest bunch of ass holes ever!!!! i’m almost speechless> your actually hating on a fucking tracklisting? smh>>>> does one more chance as a title sound like a hit? what about california love? scary!!! how about how do you want it? oooooh let me get this str8 before hearing the actual album, your judging ??wow that’s pretty incredible !!!please teach me how to do that!!!! i want the knowledge!! give it to me!!! another incredibly creative title!!! dumb ass niggas wait to hear da fuckin record and stop making asses out of yourselves!!!!!

  16. The Kid Says:

    Most of the people who post here are beyond help.
    Professional haters.

    19 tracks. 50 and Fat Joe and Sheek on the same album. Looks hot.

  17. the one Says:

    I think he’s gonna blow up!!!! please let’s make wager!!!!

  18. mabscorp Says:

    Hahahhaa, LMAO…50 and Fat Joe on an album together…hahaha, I’ll bet 50 is gonna go at Fat Joe for being on this album or the other way around

    What were you thinking L?

  19. the one Says:

    nigga pls if your so called favorite rapper your eternally dickriding got joe and fif on the same album you’d be callin the nigga a genius and followin him around with a cup to catch the sweat droppin off his balls!!!!! LL is da goat!!!! do push ups in traffic nigga!!!

  20. The Kid Says:

    LL is the GOAT

    And the word is that the album is hot. Its clear that everyone is here to act like hatin’ ass bitches

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