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Video: Jeezy in the Studio w/ Don Cannon

Working on the track “Circulate” off The Recession.

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14 Responses to “Video: Jeezy in the Studio w/ Don Cannon”

  1. dockevoc Says:


    First time ever

  2. dockevoc Says:

    I now retire. Fuck all ya’ll.

  3. jason Says:

    9th did it better

  4. jason Says:

    9th did it better.


    beats will be dope,
    this beat iz cool

    Young Jay-Z !

  6. Degs Says:

    Same sample J Dilla used, then 9th Wonder and now Cannon.
    Sounds sick though..

  7. saul goode Says:

    Damn, Jeezy is mad hands-on in the studio. That’s why his albums always have mean ass production. You already know Cannon and Jeezy on a track is money in the bank.

  8. biz Says:

    9th wonder’s sounds better. but i did hear that first… gotta hear the finished product.

  9. dried figs Says:

    Cannon is slept on. Jeezy is one of the worst rappers alive.

  10. m Says:

    CHA CHING FOR DR>DRE n JIMMY IOVINE!!! them beats are makin a killin


  11. el blanco diablo magico Says:

    This sample deserves better than the execrable Young Jeezy.

  12. redheadkingpen Says:

    Stop with the hating on Jeezy. How is he the worst rapper alive? Just cause you like corny underground rappers who are not good enough to get famous keep the hate to yourself. Jeezy albums is gonna be very political unlike those “backpackers” he is going to be heard.

  13. spirit equality Says:

    damn, jeezy made a four line couplet where every line ended in “go-go”. that’s laziness not seen since dmx in 99.

    and dilla the god used the same break AND the same vocal sample…this is basically a remake of dilla’s “dollar” remix for spacek with jeezy on top of it…come on, cannon…be original…

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