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Video: Asher Roth Interview w/ ThisisCurtis

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19 Responses to “Video: Asher Roth Interview w/ ThisisCurtis”

  1. 2am Says:

    David Lee > Asher

  2. spirit equality Says:

    wow, whoo kid came off like an ass here. white power? in what world is that funny? and what was with that “common isn’t white’ comment? wtf?

  3. The Truth... Says:

    Fuck ASHER….n/h. They just suckin up to him cause of obvious reasons. The Jew Unit hour?!?! Wow….
    Nobody cares about this kid, but he keeps gettin play on all the blogs. Don’t you people ask yourselves why?!

  4. we stone Says:

    whoo kids a clown

  5. JoMoses Says:

    wow someone caught feelings toward roth for no reason….

  6. dried figs Says:

    asher roth is the truth

  7. Sordid Puppy Says:

    yeesh. i feel sorry for anyone that’s a victim of whoo kid’s underhanded interviewing. shit makes me sick.

  8. HombreNegro Says:


  9. rich Says:

    “commons not white”

  10. mfshalem Says:


  11. Reece Says:

    Whoo Kid is trying to hard to make dude feel “comfortable”. Over there kissing ass, like an Uncle Tom. Even Asher Roth would’nt have went so far as to making that Nas comment.

  12. 40 Inch Says:

    this guy is a joke

  13. postman Says:

    anybody else notice whoo’s nasir jab? i can’t believe these cats are still loyal to 50 at this point in the game

  14. DJ D.W.W. Says:

    Wow, they act like the world has less than 5 white rappers. Shit like that is so thick-skulled, reminds me of worthless fuckin explotation like “The White Rapper Show”. We can see your white, i care more about if you can spit or not. Alot of the best white MC’s (in my opinion) are underground cause they’re approach is more lyrically deep. Alot of people just don’t like to have to think about a song and i can understand that too.

  15. Mr.Londoner Says:


    keep it moving

  16. sean3 Says:

    I think Asher handled himself well in the interview…Im like wow…If I was Asher I prolly wouldnt have done so well on that interview. Matter of fact I DONT THINK ASHER SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT INTERVIEW. OR SHOULD DO ANYTHING REMOTELY RELATED TO 50 CENT…for as long as 50 cent em are cool. that look like a pun’d attempt, where 50 puppetized WooKey(whoo kids new name) to outright underhanding Asher.

  17. catz Says:

    asher is tight..whoo kid is a clown

  18. greg Says:

    dont be mad because your favorite rapper never used the word circumvent in a freestyle

  19. pettit Says:

    haha no doubt

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