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Slim Thug ft. Devin The Dude – Bitch I’m Back


Allegedly produced by Dr. Dre.

Slim Thug ft. Devin The Dude – Bitch I’m Back

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13 Responses to “Slim Thug ft. Devin The Dude – Bitch I’m Back”

  1. blaze22 Says:

    Devin The DUDE

  2. jason Says:


  3. Mr.E Says:

    *clicks on link for shits and giggles*

  4. Swoosh Says:

    He does say ‘On a Dre track’.

  5. Mums the Werd Says:

    This track should be called…. no one cares

  6. Nigger Says:


  7. Bayan Says:

    what d’u mean “allegedly”? Slim Thug says this in the verse

  8. Phenom Says:

    Has Dre written all over it…

  9. Gretzky Says:

    No way this is dre, beat is way to thin.

  10. Richie Cunning Says:

    Slim Thug is not on Devin’s level.

  11. sonfatha Says:

    Okay. Dr. Dre sucks..

    This beat is shitty. The piano tinkles are shitty as usual. The percussion samples sound cheap and ordinary. The bass line is fairly smooth, but it’s nothing too special. Overall a somewhat weak production.

    Why does everyone call Dre a master producer? He’s not. I DARE anyone to point me to a genuinely all-around well produced Dre beat from the past eight years.

  12. Big G Says:

    The track is alright. Dont sound like a Dre track, Dre would’ve made him rap better.

  13. Deeluxx Says:

    This song is ridiculous. Slim Thugga all day. Incredible record for first track from the new album.

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