Video: The Game ft. Lil Wayne – My Life

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53 Responses to “Video: The Game ft. Lil Wayne – My Life”

  1. bozo the clown Says:


  2. pockets Says:

    omg so he dropped so many names

  3. Absent Says:

    serious and to show how limited he was he dropped kanye’s name twice.

    I got maaad bored of the video half way through.

    Weezy’s lipsynching at the end is terrible

    and WTF is up with showing that random ass dude then the sky like the whole video was building up to that!?

  4. pockets Says:

    *late pass* MARVIN GAYE IS DA SHIT

    marvin gaye > michael jackson

  5. david blackham Says:

    -i hope wayne chokes on that vocoder one day

    -game album + lots of big name artists = more name dropping

  6. yaboy Says:

    this track is ill, fuck all these critics

  7. Jammin Says:

    This ish is what hip hop needs right now. Nice Track Nice Vid

  8. k1ng Says:

    i donno man game b cool nd all but droppin same names over nd over on each song is kinda make me mad…

    neway 416 all day baby…u already kno.

  9. k1ng Says:

    btw game shootin the bitch at the end of belly 2 was kinda fuked up too.

  10. yaboy Says:

    see, all these people complain about the name dropping… that is what dude does. if it bothers you so much why bother even listening? just so you can complain? that bitch shit. it is what it is.

  11. Scrap Says:

    lol young buck at 1:31

  12. tai Says:


  13. Mr.E Says:

    critics can eat a dick (c) ice-t.

  14. jeff Says:

    i spy young buck

  15. bnz Says:

    gota agree with yaboy if u dont like games stylin dont listen to his shit the dude got where he is from his flow… just go back to listening to jayz with biggie quotes

  16. Tumer Says:

    Why So Serious?!

  17. Werd Says:

    Guys at the end are Cool n Dre.. they uh.. make beats and stuff

  18. yeah Says:

    Stop imitating T-Pain already Weezy, thats a copy of a copy of Roger Troutman

  19. moresickaMC Says:

    Games new name is Hip Hop directory

  20. NoPo Says:

    Damn fool is soft for taking out that Eminem line.

  21. Eastern_Digital Says:

    which nigga realer than me? then show me em, i put 4 in em, lay his ass down like linoleum

    Trav is home!

    It’s A-R-L-I-$-$…i still got it, come nigga holla!

  22. rrahha Says:


  23. kardee Says:

    critics can eat a dick (c) ice-t.


    nas said that

  24. Scofflaw Says:

    Stop imitating T-Pain already Weezy, thats a copy of a copy of Roger Troutman

    People need to learn the difference between the autotune effect (t-pain) and the voicebox (troutman). They sound nothing like eachother and they are in no way related.

  25. BAM BAM Says:

    shut the fuck up haters. hes a student of the game and has mad respect for it.

    ” Take me away like a bullett from kurt cobain” no1 says that shit. The Game gets better and better with his lyrics. This song is a classic. I kno t-waynes shit is rediculous but u get used to that chorus. get past ur PMS on the name dropping and “put on that kanye smile”.

    Support REAL HIP HOP

  26. hec1979 Says:

    Youre mad late say the video this morning you slacking

  27. Damn it all Says:

    this was good…nothing else left to say….

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  29. jordi Says:

    well…he is improving…on his previous two albums he used to drop names and talk about other peoples lives. now he is just dropping names…but has actually something to say. that’s quite an improvement.. gotta give it to him, he knows how to pick the right beats.

  30. D_Block_4_life Says:

    This Lloyd Banks mixtape thats about to drop is shaping up to be one of his best ever, yea yea i know no one is paying attention to Banks right now but sonically its grade A music contrary to peoples current popular belief…..Im just saying, i will repeat this statement later on in the day….

  31. rudeboy Says:

    Now how did the rat learn to sing like a bird?
    His pops is a O.G., this is absurd lil wayne diss?

  32. Mr.Londoner Says:

    Shame, i liked the kid but these “singles” aren’t too good..

    Dre needs to be on his 4th or it’s a wrap.

  33. Nick James Says:

    did anyone notice that he referenced other contemporary hip hop artists in this song?

  34. gr3um5 Says:

    the game’s
    name dropping
    he loves
    hates or/and knows people
    which he talks about !!
    that’s right.

  35. Plug Says:

    *downloads unpacino mixtape*

  36. Plug Says:

    when the little hand hit the crown on my rolex
    she gotta be in the house, before you even notice
    Thats why we go out early and always hit first
    cause the early worms always get chose by the birds

    (c) P on the un pacino mixtape

    this shit is nice

  37. Plug Says:

    this niggas rippin over the Camey beat= bunkers

  38. Plug Says:

    edit: camay

  39. G7 Says:

    >>critics can eat a dick (c) ice-t.

    ^so it’s wrong for fans to critique music now? everybody has to love what Name Game is doing? foh. people criticize cuz they know he has more talent than that. dude drops names in songs for no reason. shit’s redundant.

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  41. miltee Says:

    i don’t know why people keep doubting game. He seriously is 3 classics in. This clean version of LAX is fire. Hiphop like this belongs in the 90s…

  42. D_Block_4_life Says:

    LAX is crazy, real talk…..

  43. D_Block_4_life Says:

    LAX is crazy, real talk…..

  44. bxcapo Says:

    this track is gargage- voicecoder- name dropping and wack lyrics/ flow- why did john lennon leave the beatles -corny-

  45. Styles Says:

    whats with these beats by dre headphones in every rap video now???

  46. alex dharia Says:

    focus on the music u assholes dont worry about names. the metaphors make sence

  47. Aich Says:

    Using that cap to hid face tats

  48. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    this is a bad song…

  49. Greg Says:

    How can people still be talking like….omg, he dropped so many names? After 3 albums, accept it as HOW THIS MAN RAPS. That’s like listening to Redman in 2008 and saying….omg, look at all the weed references, he talks about things other than weed, right? No, fuck you…don’t listen, turn it off, we hate you. From a guy whose rap moniker is The Game and whose debut album was called The Documentary…it’s all I expect….is commentary on the game documenting hiphop and it’s current characters

  50. Greg Says:

    And how is he hiding his face tats with his hat riding low when it’s tilted over the side of his face that doesn’t even have tattoos underneath??

  51. DJ $AiN Says:

    I Swear 2 God This Song Touched My Soul In A Way….. I Couldent Described It !

  52. youuuuuu Says:

    this ish is dope

  53. Dizzy Says:

    because his name referances are horrible… its always the same formula: He refers to himself doing an action, references it back to a famous person, does a little segway and repeat… forgive me for feeling he could do better…

    there are tons of artists who do it yes… clipse are a huge culprate with the crack rap but come on at least those other artists make it interesting, complex and flow well…

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