Video: Redman Interview w/ Green Lantern

At Rock The Bells.

Previously: Green Lantern Interviews Kid Capri & DJ Scratch

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3 Responses to “Video: Redman Interview w/ Green Lantern”

  1. Cool Mike Says:

    redman is the truth! can’t wait for blackout 2 with him and meth


    SMH at the DMX mugshot compilation. [C] NahRight Lite.

    LOL, check the photo names.

    1.] Orange

    2.] Polo

    3.] Tank

    4.] Black

    5.] Black 2

    6.] New


  3. Raiheen Says:


    See what happens when you have great connections you can do anything that you would like to do, Red and Meth have a great chemistry and after years of working together they are great at what they do, it took the connection of Def Jam to bring them together and now they will forever be, for your own connections go to

    260 West 35th St
    Suite 801
    New York, NY 10001

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