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Mickey Factz – The Inspiration (The Leak #34)

Mickey says:

“I’m tryna see and achieve what I pursue”

What inspires you? Is it Life? Is it Death? Is it Happiness? Wealth? Women? Hate? Love? Interesting question… My answer is Music and the thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis. From my Understanding, I gained Inspiration, which turned into Achievement.

Mickey Factz – The Inspiration (The Leak #34)

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8 Responses to “Mickey Factz – The Inspiration (The Leak #34)”

  1. ODEMIC Says:

    I’m tryna see and achieve what I pursue

    big deal…..

    actually it is for a black man. lol.

  2. gr3um5 Says:

    after crooked i
    hiphop weekly
    now mickey factz the leak
    series continue


  3. ODEMIC Says:

    phelps bumps weezy? figures… he has a learning disorder.

    CarterIII gots sum cool tracks on there tho. He fucks them up with his ramblings and his crazy speak but all in all its getting sum spins.

  4. G7 Says:

    so I guess you can’t really call Game’s album a solo

  5. gr3um5 Says:

    Game’s friendly solo

  6. eskay Says:


    no posting retails motherfucker. go start your own site and post them shits over there.

  7. KILLA GHOST Says:


    i don’t give a fuck to have my own site !
    TSS IS THE Greatest SITE

    nah right iz “sympa”
    just (clean) the game album NO RETAIL
    to fans who don’t wait for that !!!


  8. am kushington Says:

    i think mickey factz works at a shoe store on the westside of manhatten.

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