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Lloyd Banks – Fastlane

Is this mixtape ever dropping…

Lloyd Banks – Fastlane

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8 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Fastlane”

  1. dCs Says:


  2. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Funny thing is that all these Banks tracks are hot but for someone reason no one cares…..very odd…lol

  3. Plug Says:

    dammit. I was free and clear

    me: yeah baby. I just finished installin a radio. you still want that grub?

    her: nah. its kind of late.

    *I shoulda stopped there. instead…*

    me: well I promised I would bring it so…

    her: OK. well bring me a some McDonalds

    me: SHEEYIT!!!!

    her: what?

    me: nothin…

  4. ajpone Says:

    why are ppl sleepn on banks????

  5. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    this beat is hard (pause)…he spit too(pause)

  6. charlie roc Says:

    This boy is in the zone who’s fuckin with him real talk he been the truth since he came out

  7. Peoples Says:

    people are sleeping on Banks because hes saying the same shit in all of his songs. Banks is done.

  8. iHustleTV Says:

    no one will take notice of him as long as he’s wit the Unit. He needs to break out quick

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