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Lloyd Banks – Hate On Me


one from Lambo Lloyd.

Lloyd Banks – Hate On Me

Previously: Lloyd Banks – Put It Back

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11 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Hate On Me”

  1. blaze22 Says:

    “Look so good I suck on yo daddys dick”(C) Biggie

    He forever loses

  2. MES Says:

    i cant front this is fire im not even a Unit fan


    blaze22 Says:

    August 13th, 2008 at 12:56 am
    “Look so good I suck on yo daddys dick”(C) Biggie

    He forever loses

    eskay you aint go to the show??

    or is that nation posting the 12 banks freestyle in the last few days

  4. PHOENIXXX Says:

    that one line negates all “Greatest Of All Time” talk when it comes to Biggie

    so what it was a Richard Pryor joke. some things don’t translate well from one avenue to the next

    like saying “Circle Yo Crib” in public

    doesn’t have the same effect

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Psh, Biggie is the GOAT, ain’t no dispute. Don’t know what the fuck you sticklebacks are barkin on about. smh.

  6. Gho$t Ryda Says:

    @ eskay

    BIG PROPS to you for putting the audio via Sharebee. Z-share has been fuckin’ up all over the U.K for some reason, but also in the other countries I’ve been visiting. Thanks for that!

    @ England Rep

    LMAO @ the “sticklebacks” comment! Not many people know what it is even in LDN.

  7. charlie roc Says:

    Another hot 1 from banks he’s back on his shit where’s the mixtape tho

  8. Tumer Says:

    Banks is fuckin dope… Its a cryin shame he gets so overlooked cos of the bullshit hype/beef that surrounds Fif&theUnit, but I admire dude for stickin to his guns and not jumpin ship/biting the hand that feeds, see:Gayme,Buck

  9. Seebo - Joburg S.A Says:

    Banks is the dopest with the punchlines and only Papoose stands in his way! hate is built on who’s hot at the time and that why people have Fif and The Unit because they’re so big…..Half the niggas out aint shit compared to Banks…..He’s done what other rappers couldn’t do in 10 years…..so T.O.S didn’t sell big fucken deal how about the Fat Joes, the Jadakiss’ of this world man this shit makes me so fucken mad.

    50 must come back and kill all these Bitches!!

  10. Peoples Says:

    Turner Says:
    “Banks is fuckin dope… Its a cryin shame he gets so overlooked”

    Banks gets overlooked? No he dont because Banks just sucks now. He aint what he used to be and if you dont think so then you sucking his dick

  11. ajpone Says:

    nobody gonna admit he nice again cuz they a hater. banks had fallen off for a min, but hes back to wanting to spit liek teh punchline king should…..like eskay said wit top 5 “this is hot, but nobodys gonna admit it”

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