GZA – Pro Tools Album Preview

You get about a minute and a half of each song.

GZA – Pro Tools Album Preview

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8 Responses to “GZA – Pro Tools Album Preview”

  1. dronkmunk Says:

    Can’t wait to peep this…

  2. greyskull Says:

    If everyone takes the time to digest the lyrics they’ll realise how nutritious this serving is.

  3. killlllllllla Says:

    fresh cover not gonna lie

  4. Gusto Says:

    Dope…. hangin’ for this one.

  5. MC Winkel Says:

    Can’t wait!
    Liquid Swizzzzzords!

  6. NYHC81 Says:


  7. jersey da new new york Says:

    damnnn did ya hear the previews??…this shyt is soundin TOUGH!!!…defnitly coppin…

  8. dockevoc Says:

    i can’t hear shit wtf is the audio

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