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Video: Lil Wayne Interview w/ DJ Semtex

Sem meets up with Weezy and the Cash Money Millionaires (lol) at their Coffee Shop in Amsterdam. They speak about Carter 4 and working with Keyshia Cole. I thought Weezy couldn’t stand long flights? The reason probably being the same that urged him to purchase that same shop…

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7 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne Interview w/ DJ Semtex”

  1. pockets Says:

    reads encyclopedia

  2. fifty cents Says:

    lol pock ya i feel u G let me ask u did u get RD the day/week it dropped or did u peep it retroactively. i think that has a major impact on how u feel about it because all my homies in their early 30s keep trying to get me to acknowledge all these mid-80s rap albums as the GOAT and i’m like yeah but nah b/c now half of that shit sounds corny. but to me when RD dropped it was so far ahead of its time (c) food and liquor. like lyrically it was 10x better than anything i had heard until then. so that impression stays with me. black album was ill but i don’t feel like it changed the game up, it was just damn damn good. wtv wtv maybe this sounds convoluted but i think that describes my feelings toward that album (apologies for the ty biggums treatise)

    btw here’s my line

    “put on my denim with gold zippers like B.I.G. today”

  3. fifty cents Says:

    btw pock this verse has to include something about how we move coke by the 747-load and also how we know papi. also how we will tie up dudes’ grandmothers and kill them for, like, stepping to us lyrically. finally, we have to tell ho’s that liddurly we could go shoppin in iddurly (?). then it’s a real kiss/p verse.

  4. pockets Says:

    i get what u ur saying chea…i can see where u are coming from, but yea back in 96 i was 8. so whats really good mang.

  5. fifty cents Says:

    but yea back in 96 i was 8


    lololol ok got it i was 16 (c) just barely being an 80s baby

  6. pockets Says:

    hey im not saying i didnt appreciate it at age 8. im an 80s baby so i definitely know about his struggles in the crack game

  7. fifty cents Says:

    is it gay if i say i love this 80s phonte album *raises forcefield to deflect flurry of ayos*

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