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Jay-Z/Rocawear “The Evolution” Ad Campaign



I usually pass on posting straight up ads, but this one features pretty girls so I’ll make an exception.



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22 Responses to “Jay-Z/Rocawear “The Evolution” Ad Campaign”

  1. Balls Deep Says:


  2. rex hussla Says:


    [ll] [ll]

  3. rocstar Says:

    i see u jockin jay-z, jockin jay-z yeessssssssssssss

  4. nation Says:

    that last picture is so fucking tacky. like Baby Phat tacky

  5. digital scales Says:

    lito you make any beats for that clipse remix contest

  6. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    Those aint S. Carters…what the fuck you done to that?

  7. hip hop cops Says:

    *boner explodeS*

    have a safe weekend peoples

  8. rex hussla Says:

    That second chick in that pic is just waiting for me to insert…

  9. pockets Says:

    did every post in nah’s history get destroyed, if so nas > jay common > andre badu’s magic pussy bmore sucks nation is eskos assistant land is black nation is white pockets is inbetween chea the coooool fux goin in hard rey puts on for his city by putting on his hat that was covering the city fuck it well do it live said the nigga that raped me

  10. pockets Says:

    yo someone should just make a completely white shoe and i mean no stitching no laces no lace holes, basically a fucking sock but a shoe. that shit would be tiiiiiteeee, literally

  11. D. Billz Says:

    LF: Are there hoods in Hawaii?

    Somebody chime in.

  12. nation Says:

    >> nation is white

    nah right?

  13. rex hussla Says:

    LF: Are there hoods in Hawaii?

    I heard there are some real gully spots. They hate tourists that venture out of the tourist spots…and the racism out there is craaaazy

  14. pockets Says:

    yes billz allow me to chime in, ol’ chap. on my last visit to that peculiar little island, i encountered quite a few “hoodlums” if u will. while they pledged allegience to not one area in particular, i felt quite threatened by there advances in the numerous dwellings i went to. they represent for the island as a whole and are spread apart. ahem, pause. if u will.

  15. 40 Inch Says:

    damn LMAO

  16. 40 Inch Says:

    damn LMAO

  17. Hombre Negro Says:

    Jay-Z knows he would never wear any Roc-A-Wear shit- It’s 2 cheap…

  18. Peoples Says:

    some powerful comments in this piece

  19. Geronimo Newton Says:

    I would so totally lick Joy Bryant’s arse! (c) 50 Cent

  20. LOL Says:

    camel on the roof

  21. Roy Says:

    “I usually pass on posting straight up ads, but this one features pretty girls so I’ll make an exception. ”

    *looking at the amount of pro jay-z posting compared 2 other artist*

    actually es, you posted it because it features the guy who’s balls you’re accustomed 2 licking!!

  22. excusemay Says:

    Esgay, take it out your mouth. Nevermind, I like gay porn.

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