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Video: TF Mafia ft. Max B – Married To The Mob

Click play immediately… you’ll need to a head start to pick yourself up the floor. This video is so amazing for so many reasons, this probably trumps the Term x Bun clip as well as Rik Cordero’s videography, because:

– Right off the bat, Married to the Mob is a nice shot at the Members of Byrdgang, so you expect some monumental shit.

– They play some dusty ass footage, in black and white, to make it look like it’s Frank Sinatra having dinner with the Genovese, when in all actual it’s Max jiffy lubing around in a circle saying what’s up to his consiglieres.

– They depict the kissing on the cheek action which is so necessary in every gangster flick, but they’re so taunted by message board no homos they actually kiss each others shoulder blades.

– The green screen with what looks like a Lemar Dauley backdrop, is exactly what we thought the year 2008 would look like in 1988.

– The video hoes cast for this video look like they were on their way to pick up their kids somewhere in Jersey.

– We know where they got their extras from.

– Dude with the fronts robbed Afrika Bambaataa for his jewels, and well… at 4:21 is what Beans whispered to Peedi.

– The last 30 or so seconds of the video is what I wouldn’t do if I were trying to be taken seriously.

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20 Responses to “Video: TF Mafia ft. Max B – Married To The Mob”

  1. Most_Incredible! Says:

    Wavey Crockett

  2. merlin da magnif Says:


  3. Nicolas Nicolas Says:

    too fucking much oAWWWWWWW in this video , just too much AOWWWWW!!

    *bumps domain diego*

  4. landLORD Says:


    – Dude with the fronts robbed Afrika Bambaataa for his jewels


    … nigga look like Mitch “Blood” Green and Bootsy Collins had a baby …

  5. Most_Incredible! Says:

    I need 2 get more Max B for my iPhone

  6. Mic Lowrey Says:

    I cannot stop laughing, this is the funniest video I have seen, dude got on the ole cheap gold jewelry, yo, it looks terrible, I CANT STOP LAUGHING, I love Max B, he is my favorite shit popper, only rivaled by Jim Jones when it comes to speaking greasy, but that video is the worse video of the century, it is funny as hell, they really serious, dude could of went to canal and copped a chain or something, they did the gorilla thing on the bridge they could of at least showed the waterfalls, man that was funny as hell, the beans whisper was crazy, and the last part I cant stop laughing, CLASSIC

  7. QdotSmith Says:

    had to jump out lurkin for a minute…. waddup nah

    i hope this was a joke. i mean im laughin like i just finished hearin eddie murphy talkin about “what the fuck is goonie goo goo gus?” wow! im glad i aint too young to know about music cuz i would hope someone slapped the shit out of me if i played this shit talkin bout i got the hotness. waddup eskay, billz whaddup chief… the rest of the nah regs whaddup!

    still lmao…. rather listen to that track jealous guys with ma$e and puff…

  8. yaboy Says:

    is the background a kaleidoscope???????

  9. Nicolas Nicolas Says:

    *takes job in Europe*

    *counts Euro’s*

    Anybody have a site where I can check some jobs overseas or in South America????????

  10. yaboy Says:

    yo me and south america go back like Car Seats

  11. Unxpekted aka DMV's Disciple Says:

    Haha Ignorant niggaz trying to be italians go cotton pick niggggaa

  12. Culture Shock! Says:

    Wow… Well, let’s start with the good.

    -The beat is actually pretty good.
    -There’s a dark butt with some MAGNIFICENT titties.

    The bad
    -They actually found a rapper shorter than Max B. Incredible (no Mickey Factz). Plus dude (voice wise) sounds like he could have joined your favorite 90s group and no one would be the wiser.
    -Cheap ass gold jewerly. Shit looked like the chocolate medallions u get from Chucky cheese or something.
    -Mad busted hoes. Biggavelli can do better than that
    -Dude with the gold fronts = A darker Pharoah Monche with the Rick James haircut.

  13. Ty Says:

    U would think that the “Waviest” would be able to find some better looking hoes

  14. joshton Says:

    homie got the puffy shirt on like seinfeld

  15. Sickamore Says:


  16. Jerseymademe Says:

    Max B did aight with that hook.Shit’s catchy as hell after the second listen.

  17. Boli-negro Says:

    Anyone got a link to DL this song?

  18. Eastern_Digital Says:



    but if it was Max B only shit could be pretty nice.

  19. Eastern_Digital Says:



  20. d203hustle Says:

    smellin like watermelon….WTF?!? lolz

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