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Pics: T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” Video Shoot






Pics courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t via URB

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11 Responses to “Pics: T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” Video Shoot”

  1. thehaytidream Says:


  2. that guy Says:

    let be the first to say that song sucks

  3. fifty cents Says:


  4. hip hop cops Says:

    what up hayti bull city all day

  5. fifty cents Says:


    *waits 4 shawty to chirp back*

  6. 40 Inch Says:

    rappa turned bad sanga

  7. 40 Inch Says:

    SDP …..

  8. 40 Inch Says:

    yo wtf happened to rappers actually rapping on records??? i mean WTF????????????????????? why do we let this bullshit keep happening? who is buying these RECORDS!!!!!!!

  9. BOOOOON Says:

    damn…. so much hating on this song.

    this my shit right now


  10. igotxx3 Says:

    im mad everybody hatin on this song. he is makin music for all his fans. hes makin music for the fellas and the ladies and this is for the ladies. do yall think ladies wanna hear something more agressive then this? well not the ladies i know. he is going to jail for a year so hes trying to ut out the best and most music he can till he gets out

    http://www.streetcred.com/igotxx3 hit me up

  11. Domino Says:

    this song is my shit. fuck erybody hatin for no reason

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