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I Excel, They All Fail


I’ll be here all day.

Nation is in charge. Comments should be working shortly. Walk with me.

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13 Responses to “I Excel, They All Fail”

  1. Lafferty Daniel Says:

    quell quell un un bitch

    lafferty is da shitttttttttttt

    peep da album “girl how u like my diesel”

  2. elleaiche Says:

    I was gonna go, but from cape cod its like 11 hours drive both ways combined. I really wanted to go, especially for ATCQ…. get some videos please

  3. C lo 3O5 Says:

    Miami one was sick last night!!!

  4. Plug Says:

    dam KRS is rippin this off this rider beat!!!!

    he made 50, banks AND yayo look foolish

  5. nation Says:

    but yo, guess who got shot in the dome-piece?
    Jerome’s niece, on her way home from Jones Beach

  6. NotU Says:

    That new AZ > anything you’re playing now

  7. G-Harp The Producer Says:

    I was gonna go, but I decided to get tickets to the second Kanye show at MSG with a few people…in retrospect I should’ve just bought a VIP pass for this show for the same fucking price.

  8. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    Damn Eskay you lucky dude. That line up is a Hip Hop fan’s crackhouse (No Earl)

  9. Matt Says:

    I’m sure eskay can co-sign on how unorganized the backstage/press area of this shit was.

  10. Raimann Says:

    i went to the toronto show which was insane :)

  11. J-EaRLy Says:

    …….WORLD CLASS……MY Life Changed 2DAY(c) Rock The Bellz

    plus NO traffic…..

  12. kallywood Says:

    rock the bells new york city was a fuckin experience

    stand the fuck up

  13. nick Says:

    show was ill….. mad special guests came out, from keith murrsay to the dude from black sheep, epmd, jayz, too may more to remember right now.

    but…. i got to see the security gaurd’s list(lol), and it said that premo was gonna play a 30 minute set with m.o.p, right before nas, but that shit was so disorganized that it never happened, everyone went over their set times and shit. i even saw lil fame and premo walking around.

    but, the show was better than last year id say, even b.o.b and wale were dope.

    but, 5 dollars for water?!? fuck that.

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