KRS-One – Rider Freestyle


Now we have definitely seen it all. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in here or here. Oh and obviously, Chris’ verse > Curt’s.

KRS-One – Rider Freestyle

Bonus: Busta Rhymes tacks a verse onto Mario’s “Music For Love”.

Thanks to Splash.

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13 Responses to “KRS-One – Rider Freestyle”

  1. Geronimo Newton Says:

    Do it then old head! Show the soulja boys of the world what ain’t sellin no more!

  2. JOFFE JO Says:

    hell has frozen

  3. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    nothin but lie-uhs.. krs can gtfoh with that bolshit. here’s an idea, stoppin wastin $$$ on studio sessions.. U R 2 FUCKIN OLD 2 BE DOIN THIS SHIT! Todd that goes 4 u 2!! Sit the FUCK DOWN! I’m embarrassed 4 u old muhfuckahs

  4. rocstar Says:

    anyone got a link to david banner – like a pimp?

  5. PHOENIXXX Says:

    You’s the fool son
    magnum condom or magnum burner, every dude swear they use one

    (c) Joe Budden

  6. Latarian's Grandmother Says:

    where is that boy?

    *checks to see if car is still outside*

  7. Latarian's Grandmother Says:

    rocstar Says:

    August 2nd, 2008 at 8:39 pm
    anyone got a link to david banner – like a pimp?

    >>step ur google game up

  8. rocstar Says:

    Latarian’s Grandmother Says:

    August 2nd, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    rocstar Says:

    August 2nd, 2008 at 8:39 pm
    anyone got a link to david banner – like a pimp?

    >>step ur google game up



  9. mike Says:

    I’m so disappointed in Krs-1. He just don’t get it, niggahs is not feeling curtis, so why does he continue to persist? curtis is not going to give you a deal Krs, stop looking thirsty. There is no way, you supposedly stand for positivity, and yet you see fit to fuck with curtis. Shit make me want to throw up.

  10. Jerseymademe Says:

    The more I read these comments the more clear it becomes that you don’t have to be smart to operate a computer. You have to be at least mildly retarded to think KRS didn’t go in on this shit! KRS-ONE is pound for pound the best,most versatile lyricist ever!! Lyricist,not rapper!! He will destroy your favorite MC onstage off the top ,no written! I’ve seen it so many times.The new young rappers always fade off stage when he runs up there and starts going off the top,they want no part of the Blastmaster.Don’t get it F’d up!!!

  11. KilluminattI7 Says:

    CO-SIGNS ^^^

  12. Bayan Says:

    Fiddy preaching on stoppin the violence, that’s the best joke I heard in a min
    Oh is now really the time, like finally, at last, with Fiddy’s blessing?
    he a newborn of somting?

  13. Knuckz Says:

    All of you disrespectful hip hop bastards need to learn how to respect your elders. For anyone of you to say that KRS is too old for the mic. As he said in Madism “Rippin the microphone ’til I’m motherfuckin sixty.” KRS is the G.O.A.T. Ask Nelly, PM Damn and those other rappers who felt the wrath of the blastmaster. All their record sales stopped when he dissed them.

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