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Video: Just Blaze on Rock Me TV

Part 1

Yo, lemme find out Just is responsible for this.

Part 2

Part 3

This part is pretty intetesting. He talks about how Bleek lost the “Oh Boy” beat to Cam, and how Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” was originally meant for Beanie and Freeway.

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31 Responses to “Video: Just Blaze on Rock Me TV”

  1. nation Says:

    guys I feel like getting tanked tonight (II), click the ads

  2. Jimmy Valentime Says:

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    I biged up every body who has helped me so far in my career

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  3. Plug Says:

    …now if I could only get this DJ Smallz Best Thing Smokin 14 (chopped And Screwed) mixtape to download off datpiff…


    *grunts heavily*

  5. Rockabye Says:

    @Nah: deadon.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/1520-sedgwick-avenue-august-1st-2008/

    Go there.

    *cutes ads*

    Is every ad click worth something? I just opened like 20 windows of the Chucks ad from on top.

  6. ODEMIC Says:

    I Posted up my verison of incredible on my site

    I biged up every body who has helped me so far in my career

    you can check it out by clicking my name …


    if i click your name… i expect to hear my name.

  7. RIGZ Says:



    lambo lloyd

  9. Rockabye Says:

    *cutes Incredible*

    *please sing a long*

    *Jimmy Valentimes*

    Nah, for real, good hustle, Jimmy.

  10. digital scales Says:

    wow that harlem world video is just, are tho cheerleaders, are they, are they square dancing?


    Manny Ramirez is hillarious

  12. Rockabye Says:

    NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — A Louisiana appeals court has removed a Lasalle Parish judge from the remaining “Jena Six” cases, court officials told CNN Friday.

    Attorneys for four of the defendants had asked 9th Judicial District Judge Thomas Yeager to recuse Judge J.P. Mauffrey Jr.

    They said Mauffrey “had made numerous statements on numerous occasions” indicating he had already decided on a defendant’s guilt and punishment.

    “Indeed, Judge Mauffrey has expressed his belief generally that Jesse Ray [Beard] and his African-American friends are guilty, not only of the misconduct alleged in this matter, but of several other acts of misconduct as well,” according to court documents filed in the case.

  13. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    @ ODEMIC

    I am gona do a mixtape in the fall

    real talk if you want

    ill shout you out on the outro

    i am jack the concept lupe did for F&L outro ….

    just post on mys ite or add me on myspace and remind me …

  14. digital scales Says:

    Manny Ramirez is hillarious
    yankees can breathe easy…

  15. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    @ Rockabye

    you from the bronx ?

  16. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    I have lie all over the X but I rep …. parkchester

  17. Jimmy Valentime Says:


  18. nation Says:

    I have lie right here

  19. RIGZ Says:


    email me your email address or suttin


    I’m outta here


  20. Rockabye Says:

    you from the bronx ?
    Nah, duke, I’m from FL.

  21. Plug Says:

    and if shes persistent, BOCKA! BOCKA! BOCKA!

  22. digital scales Says:

    yo jimmy throw a show by the oval

  23. digital scales Says:

    do it like sporty theives did it niiggga

  24. digital scales Says:

    you walk thru parkchester and get fcking lost

    everything looks the same…my cusin rick ross with no burner out there…

    yeah he one of them niggas….

  25. fifty cents Says:

    i lie in chicago, i lied in DC for college — shit i ain’t never lie!

  26. fifty cents Says:

    young buck is a faggot

  27. ODEMIC Says:

    been shut outta this site for the past 2hrs now.

    good looks Jimmy, will do.

  28. fifty cents Says:

    i’m the george bush of this shit — i won’t go to war…but i’ll sennnnnnd nahggers to war.

  29. Super_Fly_Jimmy_Snuka Says:

    Niggas is pussy

  30. lea Says:

    hmm baby stac, hmm baby stac!!! WOW i really like this song! DAMN i love me some LOON! next time you in miami LOON and need bail holla atya gurl I got you!

    does anyone remeber when Sway son’d Ma$e at the MTV awards the year of Welcome Back, the look on Ma$e face is priceless! please youtube it or something i cant desscribe the whole scenario!

  31. elite + taste = elitaste – Harlem World “I Really Like It” (produced by Just Blaze) Says:

    […] this post over at Nah Right where Just Blaze talks about his first placement which was this. I totally forgot about this record […]

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