Video: Jay Electronica Interview with UGHH

In part 1, he speaks on the dues he’s paid, why he’s been walking around with a staff, his relationship w/ Erykah Badu and his use of J Dilla Beats

Part 2 after the jump.

In part 2, Jay addresses hipster rap, talks a little more about the american eagle on the top of his staff, whats coming in 2008 – 2009 for Jay, and why the average fan should check for Jay Electronica.

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10 Responses to “Video: Jay Electronica Interview with UGHH”

  1. Smitty Says:

    Is it me or does UGGH’s video player go EXXXXTRA slow

  2. pockets Says:


  3. Joe 88 Says:

    Who posted this, nation or eskay?

  4. Nicolas Nicolas Says:

    I never got shook up by talks of Illuminati
    I’m from where niggas talk that talk
    then walk around the streets all day
    carrying heat like the human body
    stress – we mastered that
    death – we laugh at that
    you niggas sweeter than the cog-ni-ac
    i never sleep and when my eyes is closed
    i’m in a deep battle for sheep. i’m an insomniac.
    but when it comes to the rhymes, a hypochondriac
    the flow so sickly, splash a hot round on me
    peel off quickly. luckily,
    not one of you niggas could fuck with me(c) Jay Electronica

  5. Nanyanen Says:

    cot damn, Jay electronica is black as a mug. muhfukka could leave a fingerprint on charcoal. gah leee.

  6. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    LF, and n/h, but Jay Electronica looks like a young version of Dre and Snoop’s boss from “The Wash”- the one who got kidnapped by DJ Pooh….he’s still a dope emcee, though…

  7. SNORT_SNORTcrazy88since88 Says:

    …lol… that nigga got on a Boxfade wig.

  8. Nanyanen Says:

    LF: Ive always thought the true sign of an ill comic is in their ability to slaughter hecklers. I youtubed ‘heckler’ and there is some funny shit up there.

    Who was the comedian in that clip where he was tearing down the hecklers after a fight happened? anyone remember who that was?

  9. Mr.Londoner Says:


    shit.. went so slow i didnt bother..

  10. gr3um5 Says:


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