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Nas – What It Is (Produced by DJ Khalil)

Otherwise known as “Esco Let’s Go“, words originally uttered by Jay, which eventually lead to the rebirth of Nasir. Can’t front though, they were blasting this off kinda crazy at the concert.

Nas – What It Is [CDQ/Dirty/No DJ]

Props to Splash.

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10 Responses to “Nas – What It Is (Produced by DJ Khalil)”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    nah, they might get some shine across the pond but that goofy voice you guys got is not riding over here.

    ^^I heard them shots Blaze. If fuckers Stateside was worried so much about goofyness then your ass woulda grown up an orphan chief. Fock that English rappers need some shine.

  2. SINCE 83 Says:

    Nas IS that nigger!

  3. nation Says:


  4. frank lee speakin Says:

    ^ godd lookin’ dread. more firrreee !!!!

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    jay lost again.

  6. Ill E Says:

    This song is the SHIT! Should of been on the album

    sick lyrics ..(“so What’s this? F*** Saint Nicholas, you the only hood nucca givin’ gifts….WHAT IT ISSSS?) and this DJ KHALIL beat is incredible..anyone know what it samples?

  7. Eightys Baby Says:

    Yo, why did he picture Amerie eating Rosci on the Nigger tape version, but on this Amerie is eating Free?

    Aint shit wrong with either one, Im just sayin….

  8. Ill E Says:

    I noticed that difference too…lol I’m surprised he even said that rhyme…I thought he did a song with Amerie back in the day (“Rule” On Stillmatic)..lol

  9. young blak (g-pak) Says:

    Dj khalil is a beast…thats my dude right there…i heard him makin this song, and hearing this shit in the studio, i got chills like “thats the old nas we want to hear” type shit. it was amazing. the nigga visual as ever…that was a good day. true story…

    “all true and living god we was here first”

  10. Nah Right » Video: Nas x DJ Khalil Recording “Colors,” Unreleased Song from Untitled Says:

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