Mickey Factz – Going Nowhere & Dolla (The Leak #32)


If you recall, Mickey asked for ideas from the public for this week’s Leak. These two songs are the result.

Here are the emails that inspired the two winning selections:

From Kyle Connaro:

Tell the story from the point of view of a record (Vinyl) trying to get love in the huge era of CD’s (90’s) and how difficult it is for you to do so and the struggles of being quality but overlooked. Then transition to the same concept with CD’s and mp3s and downloads…


From Ricardo Santiago:

I would like the next concept to be …. You as a dollar bill and what goes on as you pass hands… From drug dealers all the way to the big dogs in congress. Just an Idea…

Mickey Factz – Going Nowhere & Dolla

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53 Responses to “Mickey Factz – Going Nowhere & Dolla (The Leak #32)”

  1. Boosie Says:

    # cOLD Says:
    July 31st, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    damn I dont know how boosie kept up with all those aliases

    ^ im listening to mickey factz, shit is giving me mad anxiety.

    each alias plays an important part on the life and times of nahright, its like a person knowing the names of all ten of their siblings….

    Mickey factz is one of the worst rappers I have heard in my life…..I could make a valid case that Soulja boy is better than him…

  2. Mr.Londoner Says:

    1st concept = dope.
    production on the 2nd track is crazy..

  3. Detroit P Says:

    The reason Nicholson and Ledger were 2 different types of Batman..because their characters were based on 2 different Batman comic book series…Ledgers being based off of Frank Millers Batman:the Dark knight returns, which is a darker look at the Batman character and his villians…Nicholsons was based on the traditional more “lighthearted” Batman Comicbooks

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