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UGK ft. Akon – Hard As Hell

I know this leaked yesterday, but there seemed to be some confusion over whether it was an Akon or UGK track, and so I wasn’t really sure where it was from. Not to mention that I’m shot and it completely slipped my mind. It leaked with the title “Bad As Hell” but Jive is calling it “Hard As Hell” and says it’s the first joint off the next, and I’m guessing final, UGK album: UGK For Life.

UGK ft. Akon – Hard As Hell

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12 Responses to “UGK ft. Akon – Hard As Hell”

  1. temp agency aka young splashy splash Says:




  2. Mindy Marin Says:

    top of the evening to you

  3. eskay Says:

    we stay losing

  4. Latarian Milton Says:

    lol and other rappers wanna defend rawss knowing he was po po (c) clipse and fab

    shit’s disgustin

  5. Latarian Milton Says:

    *runs up on mindy with the banana*

  6. Plug Says:

    Didnt McCain spend like 5 years in a torture chamber or a prison? all I know is I hope he doest get in office. the first thing he would do is push the button. I know if I was tortured for 5 years Id push the button. easy. Ive pushed buttons on niggas that I caught stealin my whip one time, so I KNOW Id push 2 or 3 buttons on somebody who tortured me

  7. Latarian Milton Says:

    lol @ plug u makin sense right now homie i like ur analysis (pause)

  8. Dr Flav Says:

    Does anybody else find it odd that no vice pres candidates have been nominated this late in the game? And that Jeezy commentary about Pimp is a bit over the top, like okay dude we get it, dude borderline giving post humous oral.

  9. temp agency aka young splashy splash Says:

    rap belongs to the white man now…im tired of everything im bout to start a jihad… hit me up if ur down… lol

  10. BOOOOON Says:

    song is real nice.

    pimp and bun two of the sickest.

  11. embark Says:

    Akon is unequivocally trash.

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